Becky’s New Car: Vancouver Premiere

Lindsey Angell and Kevin Stark in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of Becky’s New Car. Photo by David Cooper.

Last night I attended the highly-anticipated play hitting the Granville Island Stage, ‘Becky’s New Car’ written by Steven Dietz and presented by the Arts Club Theatre Company. Directed by Rachel Ditor, the play uncovers the raw feelings and emotions that a woman experiences when the opportunity of a new life, one of fabulous wealth and riches is presented to her, over the current mundane existence she has been leading for the past several years.

Not doing my research prior to seeing the show, I was unsure what to expect (to be honest I was completely ignorant to that fact of whether this was a musical or play). The opening scene set the stage for a whimsical night of artistic magic. The playbook description; Setting: The present. Summer. An American city very much like Seattle. – A perfect setting to create the sense of believability in today’s day and age.

Deborah Williams in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of Becky’s New Car. Photo by David Cooper.

Leading the cast is protagonist, Becky (or Rebecca to some – you need to see it to understand) played by the brilliant Deborah Williams. She literally strips the character down and exposes true raw emotion portraying a woman struggling through the utmost moral dilemma. If there was a best supporting actor award for men in small stage performances, I would hand it directly to Cavan Cunningham who characterized Joe, Becky’s husband. His combination of wit, sarcasm and emotional appeal throughout the play had me in stitches while still pulling for him to survive tough times.

Kevin Stark, Deborah Williams, and Cavan Cunningham in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of Becky’s New Car. Photo by David Cooper.

I don’t want to give away the plot, which I struggle to do when describing artist engagements that I hold dear, so I’ll simple say, you must see this play. I believe everyone has been touched by a story similar to that of Becky’s New Car, and the actors do a brilliant job of reminding us to be thankful for those people we have in our lives.

Becky’s New Car has become my go-to for recommendations for this summer’s theatre circuit, but there isn’t a lot of time left to see it, as its current run date is only until June 5th. For ticket information and additional reviews/play synopsis check out the Arts Club Theatre website.

  • Hey Dan.
    I have heard nothing but good things through the theatre loop about this show. I am glad you got a chance to see it. I’ll tell everyone here at the Citadel you thought it was great!

  • Dan

    Hey Tyrell – Thanks for the comment. Definitely spread the word, the show is fantastic!