Bebe Rexha Debuts ‘Last Hurrah’ Music Video

Bebe Rexha lost the Best New Artist Grammy to Dua Lipa a couple of weeks ago, but that’s not bringing her down (too much). The 29-year-old singer is chugging along like the Little Engine That Could.

I can’t lie I’m a little bummed. BUT I could either lay in bed or get the fuck up go to the studio, write a new song and then finish the video edit for my new single Last Hurrah. I’m not laying in bed,” she Tweeted after the loss.

Last Hurrah” is Bebe’s first single of 2019. It’s produced by Andrew Wells and actually has interesting story behind it. She reveals it was inspired by a friend with a sweet tooth.

“She was supposed to be on a diet and she ate a piece of chocolate cake and her husband was like, ‘aren’t you supposed to be on a diet?’” Bebe explained on Twitter. “She responded to him by saying, ‘babe this is my last hurrah.’ Meaning like it’s gonna be one more night of me messing up.”

The accompanying visual has just arrived. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the clip features the 29-year-old singer going out with a bang, enjoying some vices before becoming more of an angelic person. Check it out below.

Bebe Rexha ‘Last Hurrah’ Music Video