Beats By Dr. Dre


I’d like to say that our HOMORAZZI cast did an excellent job with Mother’s Day stories and memories this past weekend. Quite frankly I was lucky to fly home to be with “Ma” in London (Ontario) and have been enjoying some well deserved time off in my hometown.

I’d also like to say that being with my Mom is always a joy. She makes me laugh, is extremely engaging and just overall sets an easy tone for any visit. She also has everything. She could be one of those Mom’s on Oprah with a hording problem because she has shit EVERYWHERE in her house. I can furnish my Yale town condo without her noticing that anything is missing. Hence why it is always tough to find a great gift for her. My sister Rachel and I decided that, outside of facebook, she “doesn’t need anything”, so we’d take her out shopping and get her something that she liked or didn’t already have. BIG MISTAKE. Not only did we shop for her, we ended up shopping for ourselves!

We bought her an iPod (which, by the way she loved), and I found the most delicious headphones* I have ever owned.

(* Side note: If you click under Brian, he has already submitted a fantastic article on earbuds/headphones that he has rated. It’s a good read, check it.)

For me, this takes the cake. Months ago, I read an article online that Kanye West wrote about his friend Dr. Dre. Dre had been developing some sick studio headphones that he hoped to release to the public sometime this year. Well they’re here, they’re near and your ears will thank you. Introducing “Beats By Dr. Dre.” Better sound quality than BOSE. Acoustics that mirror that of a studio session, and for this radio DJ the best quality cans I’ve ever splurged on.

Here’s some of the highlights….

* Mute button on right side for easy access to the outside world

* 2 separate headphone cables, one regular and the other adaptable to your blackberry/iPhone that has an attached mic and mute. So, while you’re listening to music, if a call comes through, one tap let’s you hear the person you’re talking to. Your music not only mutes but pauses automatically. Once you hang up by tapping on the mic again, the music returns from where you left off.

* Deep base, sound clarity

* 90% noise cancellation

* They fuckg look COOL. Sleek, sexy BRINGIT!

CNN, Rollingstone, Macworld, Men’s Health, Time and countless others also rank these phones as being some of the best on the market. No doubt, if you love music and want the sounds to blow up as it should, you need to invest in the best! Demos and other cool info CLICK HERE

  • The beats by dre decoration around the ear cups to adapt to anyone’s ears, it is easy to relax and just listen to music or movies, so it can fold and come up with a case, so you can protect your headphones

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  • music or movies, so it can fold and come up with a case, so you can protect your headphones

  • You Can Imagine That Put On Beats By Dr. Dre Headphone And Listen To The Beautiful Music Just Like The Singer Is Standing Before You And

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