Meet Bearforce 1

I was at a house party the other night chatting away with some local Dutchies, when one of them commented on my recently furry face. My beard is getting pretty big, and I’m always being asked if I’ve turned into a bear (short answer ‘no’, long answer ‘grrrrrrr’). One of guys I was chatting with asked me if I have heard of Bearforce 1; An all bear boy band from, guess where? The Netherlands bitches!

I guess this is sort of complimentary to Patrick’s “Twink” inspired song article. Meet Bearforce 1. Four grizzly capital-M, Men. Although no longer together, their YouTube channel has many videos to entertain you. My favorite is their most famous self-titled song “Bear Force 1“.

It’s really less of a song, and more of a choreographed dance routine to expired club songs. I think the army influenced chanting of “Bear-Force-One!” at the beginning is the only original part of the song. Correct me if I’m wrong.

‘Tis the Season, if you want to put some fuzz in your holidays the group also has a Christmas single, “Christmas is Here“, which appears to be a techno infused mix of holiday classics.

It’s good to know that no matter how bear-ish I become, I can still slap on some pastels and prance it up with Bearforce 1.

  • Nicky

    As a Dutch guy who’s into sexy hairy men and who LOVES quality music, I have to say: maybe they should just stick to photographs. They’re hot to look at (especially the one in the red shorts, WOW!), but their music is crap.