Behind The Cast: Friday Night Lights (BC Lions Style)

Well, technically it wasn’t Friday, but you get the gist. Believe it or not, a few of us at spent part of our Saturday night hanging out with a bunch of big burly guys throwing some pigskin. Brian, Dan, Patrick, Rich, Tyrell and myself watched our BC Lions battle the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Over the years, I’ve watched only a handful of CFL games, but all taking place underneath BC Place. With the stadium undergoing a facelift, this season’s games have been transplanted to Empire Stadium at the Pacific National Exhibition site. The stadium first opened in 1954 and demolished in 1993, but resurrected to house the stadium-less Lions. In its hey day, Empire Stadium hosted concerts by both Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

To make the event more out of our comfort zone, we decided to take the city famous No. 10 bus. It’s infamous for its colorful characters leaving the Vancouver Downtown East side. There was even a popular play based on the riding experience.

When we arrived at the stadium, I was immediately overcome with game spirit. You can’t help but get caught up with the excitement and energy surrounding you. Considering its just a temporary location, the facilities, concession stands and seating exceeded my expectations. There isn’t a bad seat in the stadium. I love the intimate feel the smaller venue provides.

If you’re not a fan of watching football, I still highly suggest you go with a bunch of friends. There is enough entertainment in the stands and sidelines to hold your attention. Even though the game was super exciting and close, we were all equally (if not more) mesmerized with what was going on around us. The night had it all, bitchy uncoordinated cheerleaders, over zealous fans, people getting thrown out for disorderly conduct. Heck, a girl even got booted for taking her top off.

In the end, our beloved Lions lost, but all of us had a great time. We’re already talking about going again before the season ends. Big shout outs to Paul Nixey for giving us wicked seats and to Mother Nature for holding her torrential rains til the game ended.

Check out a few of our pics from our butchy night out.

Dan is a big CFL fan. He even got a few shout outs for wearing his Roughriders hats. How awesome does the sky look?

We broke Rich’s CFL cherry. Anyone care to take any guesses on how many beers all six of us drank cumulatively.

From left to right, Tyrell, Patrick and Brian. I felt bad for Brian. For part of the game, he was sitting by a Snooki look-a-like and her super drunk obnoxious friends.

Granted some of them are super hot. A few of them were surprisingly uncoordinated and couldn’t follow the other cheerleaders nor the beat to the music. If anyone knows how to purchase those patent leather orange boots, Rich wants a pair for his alter ego, Fancie Goldhammer.

Its a bird. No, its a plane. Not its… super Canada slash Flash Gordon man and BC Pete (team wrangler)

It’s the fourth Cheetah Girl. This dude had guts. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t even lose a bet to wear this animal print ensemble.

I have to admit, I’m all for security presence. I loved watching them throw out heinously drunk guys. Dudes, if you can’t handle your liquor, don’t drink.

Here’s a picture of one of the altercations.

I wonder how many calls this number gets on a typical evening.

An artistic shot of the field.

I’ve said it before, but how beautiful does the sky look. It’s insane how picturesque it is, sitting at the end zone. Vancouver is truly breathtaking.

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    I’m always taken aback whenever I come across a publication such as this one. Maybe it’s just the stance that most writers on the website have taken and I am unfairly associating Homorazzi with a general progressive movement for homosexuals, but I find articles like this one are entirely counterproductive.

    I don’t want to make a bitchy response attacking you or even the entire article; I understand this was made to share the fun night out you had with your friends at the game, but I wanted to share how troubling I find it that right off the bat, you are sending the message that gays are unwelcome and don’t belong at this kind of event.

    Like “OMG! 6 gays braving a football game, can you believe it, we’re crazy!” Anyways, I just think that for younger readers especially who are trying to work things out for themselves, that this is something you should be more sensitive to. It’s essentially reaffirming stereotypes for other people and paints a really discriminating picture: Don’t go here, we don’t belong and you probably won’t be welcome.

  • R

    But T, he said they had a fun time, are going to go again, and that Dan is a big fan!
    They’ve talked about the sports teams they’re on before as well.. maybe you missed those articles?

  • Hey T,

    If I conveyed a message that gays were unwelcome at this type of event, that wasn’t my intention. When I mentioned we were attempting things out of our comfort zone, it wasn’t referring so much to sporting events as it was in regards to (jokingly) to gays not venturing out of the downtown core.

    There have been a few times that we often get pigeonholed as a society that parties all the time. Sure we like to have fun, but it isn’t limited to dancing the night away at a club. In the end, I was merely talking about a fun experience and wasn’t never meant to be a “OMG! 6 gays braving a football game, can you believe it, we’re crazy!” type of post. If you felt that way, that wasn’t my intention. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not about that.

    Hey R,

    Thanks for the solid support and having a great memory regarding our past posts.