BBC ‘Gay to Straight’ Documentary Sheds Light On An Ex-Gay Therapy

BBC recently did a documentary called Gay To Straight that showed how teens in the US are turning to gay conversion therapy in an effort to turn them heterosexual. In the documentary, Stacey Dooley travels to the western United States to meet some young men that are taking part in gay conversion therapy to find out if it is possible to change your sexual orientation.

I’ve included a couple of clips from the show. In the second clip, one guy contradicts himself, as Stacey explains: “It’s a really odd one, cuz TJ will stand there and tell me that he absolutely doesn’t feel sexually attracted to men any more, when he sees a lad crossing the street that’s quite handsome, doesn’t do anything for him; the feelings have gone, they’ve diminished because of Floyd. Then in the same breath he’ll say, ‘But I am still watching gay porn, and I’m masturbating to gay porn.’ I know I’m not a genius, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, but if you’re mad keen on gay porn and straight porn isn’t doing it for you, maybe there are still gay elements of you?”

Thankfully the show also discusses the fact that California has become the first state in the US to ban this type of therapy for under 18-year olds. Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law, meaning psychotherapy that tries to turn gay teens straight will be illegal from as of January 1. Watch the clips below.

‘Adventure In Manhood’ Camp

Patient Contradicts Himself

  • Peter

    There is no credible evidence this works. The flaw in the program is not recognizing that a gay orientation is perfectly normal and natural for millions of people; we’re born that way and we know it. May gays have a terrible time accepting it because of societal pressures, but it’s futile to try and change one’s orientation. How many straights have been turned gay? Oughta work both ways if it’s legitimate.

  • Manuel

    I don’t think it’s right to say that the guy in the second video is contradicting himself. What he is saying is really clear. He is not having attractions with guys on real-life, like, on the street BUT he enjoys watching porn. Isn’t that connected to some kind of fantasy? Or maybe he is just more comfortable when he is all by himself to actually realize his attraction.

  • Joshua

    In the first video, the head coach of the session states that the gay man can still be loved without having to have sexual encounters with men. That comment is a slap in the face to the parents of every single lgbtq person by basically saying all of us weren’t love enough as children “turning” us gay. Bullshit! These kinds of therapies end up raising the risk of suicide in people who take part in them. I think thats a lot more harmful than loving someone of the same gender!

  • Res

    I’m so tired of gays focusing on the negativity when it comes to the gay community. STOP giving this crap a platform and viewership.

  • MmmHmm


  • Edwin

    MHHMM Keep watching this kind of crap and you will start believing this CRAP. If your queer just accept it! And…yes the guy on the second video just has a tough time accepting the fact that he likes men! That’s all!

  • zurvivor

    He is just lying to himself. Watching porn is the best way to determine your sexual orientation. So he failed.