As annoying as these weekly twists and power shifts are, they do a great job of keeping the show interesting. Tonight was this seasons 2nd double eviction of the season and sh*t got cray! At the beginning of the episode we got a short recap of the events leading up to last nights first eviction.  Alec tried to campaign against Topaz explaining that she was a bigger threat than he was. Yah right! As if anyone would believe that story. Alec is easy on the eyes and has a good heart but that’s the issue, he has a heart. He truly sealed his fate when he went against Topaz during her HOH and voted to keep Andrew. Yes it kept him safe for one week however it got him evicted this week. Here are the votes:

  • Talla – Alec
  • Emmett – Alec
  • Peter – Topaz
  • Andrew  – Alec

I don’t feel bad because at the end of the day he didn’t walk away empty handed. Alec left the house $10 000 richer and he has a sweet ride to drive back in to Vancouver in. However he won’t be heading back to Vancouver just yet as he will be joining Gary and AJ in the jury house.

Moving right along to the HOH competition it was a quick true or false memory game. By this point in the game, all housguests were focused and every win counts. They started the first few round all tied with correct answers. Talla was the first to be eliminated followed by Topaz and Peter in the same round! It was Emmett and Andrew in the final round. At this point to me it didn’t matter who won because either way Topaz and Peter would go up being the last surviving members of the Shield alliance, or so I thought. Ultimately Emmett won and he once again only had the commercial break to make his decision. After the commercial break Emmett put up Topaz for eviction as predicted however when he nominated Talla to sit next to her I then realized what had happened. Earlier in the episode we saw Peter go up to the HOH room to talk game. I didn’t think much of it and they didn’t show much other than him trying to convince Jillian and Emmett that Topaz was a bigger threat than Alec. Peter most likely jumped from the sinking ship that was The Shield Alliance and made a deal not to go after Jillian or Emmett should he win HOH. During the Veto competition due to the fact that there were so little houseguests left everyone played. The name of the game was “You’ve Got Mail” and the concept was easy. Players simply had to locate a letter addressed to them in a mountain of styreform puffs. They then had to run to their mailbox and drop off their mail. The first player to collect both of their letters and ring their buzzer won the Power of Veto. No one was screwing around in this competition; all houseguests went in head first to find their letters. Peter found his first and my initial reaction was joy as I thought for sure he would use the power to save Topaz. Topaz was next to find her letter and at this point my heart was racing. No one on the East Coasters alliance had found any of their letters and it looked really good for Topaz. Peter was first to find his last letter and he darted to his mailbox and won the Power of Veto. After winning Topaz walked up to Peter to congratulate him and asked him to use it to save her. He didn’t respond which told me he wasn’t going to use it to save her.

At the Veto ceremony my suspicions were confirmed after Peter chose not to use the Power of Veto. Without wasting anytime Arisa dove right back into the voting for the second eviction of the night. By a vote of 3 to 0 Topaz was evicted from the Big Brother house. I was pissed. I really wanted Topaz to take it to the end and had she not gave last week’s HOH to Jillian she would have mad it further in the game.

For the second HOH of the night houseguests had to Fly the Coup. Houseguests had egg holders hung on chicken wire outside of the coop they were sitting in. Each egg had an evicted houseguests name written on it. Houseguests had to place their eggs in order from 1st evicted to last and had to hold their eggs from the inside of their cage, using only their fingers. First player to place all of their eggs in the correct order would be this weeks HOH. We will see the outcome of that on Sunday and next Thursday during the live eviction Arisa will announce to the houseguests that were having ANOTHER Chevrolet Power Shift. This one gives Canada the power to send a evicted jury member back into the game and I’m putting all my votes on Gary!!! I want Gary back in the game to send Emmett and Jillian packing and flip the house upside-down. Be sure to check out Sunday’s episode to see who won HOH and to see who he/she nominates for eviction!