The Battle For Earth Begins At Sea In Second ‘Battleship’ Movie Trailer

Even though I played ‘Battleship‘ as a kid (both the original and the electronic version with sound effects), I still wasn’t sold on the this upcoming action film after the first teaser trailer came out late this summer. The film, starring Rihanna in her first big movie role, as well as some hot male stars including Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Josh Pence, takes place at sea (obviously) where a war takes place between humans and aliens. Well, aliens that look like Transformers, to be more exact.

The trailer sets the scene with intense sound and very few words: “The Ocean. Vast. Unexplored. The Perfect Place. To Hide.

Comparing the first trailer to this one is like night and day. This trailer really shows how amazing of an action flick ‘Battleship’ will be.

  • benjamin

    RIIIIHAAAAAAAAANNNNAAAAAAAAAA omg i hope she doesnt get zapped by the aliens!!

  • Chris

    My eyes hurt from this video. Alex looks lost, and Riri doesn’t orate well. I’ll probably only watch this for Taylor Kitsch…