It’s that time again….choosing your Halloween costume for 2009.

I know, I know, odds are you’re going to a party or a bar. Adam, no doubt has a few tricks and <ahem> treats up his sleeve!). But what happens when you and your boyfriend can’t settle on the right costume, or want to wear the same one?

Case and point, the dynamic duo of Jonny and Kodie. Or in this instance BATMAN and ROBIN.

I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a small age difference (like we care), however every once in a while, I fear that I’m the T.R. Knight to his now former boyfriend Mark Cornelsen. Kodie never makes me feel any less than who I am, however during costume selection we both agreed the caped cruisaders would make “an awesome” idea. Both announcing at the same time “I’m Robin”!!

Two Robins? Could we pull this off? Could he be Tim Drake and I the original Dick Grayson? Who would be Batman? Damnit Kodie you just be Batman! Or what about the less popular second Robin Jason Todd. I know, someone can go as Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s librarian daughter who secretly appears at night as Batgirl.

Then there’s Nightwing- the original Robin Dick Grayson when he’s a tad bit too old to be a Robin. Bat Mite? Batwoman? Man Bat? Ugh. This kick ass idea has turned into a nightmare.

So, I crumbled a bit and decided to be Batman. Kodie, you can be super cute Robin.

Then something happened. Something WONDERFUL happened. I tried on the Batman costume and I loved it. Kodie tried it on after and also fell in love. WHAT? Now nobody wants to be Robin and everyone wants to be Batman?? Sheesh.

We’ve decided to put it into your hands. Yes- YOU. We took the pictures and below we’re asking for your help! Who makes a better Batman? Is Kodie indeed the right boi wonder? Can Jonny pull off the Red/Yellow/Green tights? Is Kodie remotely believeable as a mature gazillionaire Bruce Wayne?

Option 1: Jonny as Batman (Kodie as Robin)


Option 2: Jonny as Robin (Kodie as Batman)


It’s up to you, and whatever the results, we will abide.

Should Jonny dressup as Batman or Robin for Halloween?

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Poll closes in one week! I really think Kodie should be Robin….shhhh! LOL