Behind The Cast: Summer Activities

Last week I noticed a line on my left chest like an indentation on the skin. I thought I had torn my muscle, but it wasn’t painful and I still had full range of motion. The tear was deep in the skin and I’m guessing it was due to my intense workout routine doing military style pushups with a pushup bar for more range of motion which meant greater chances of injury. You can read the full story, on my personal blog TakeThatOff and check out the photos.

All this working out is preparation for Pride season (Check out my LA Pride video from last month’s trip) & Summer vacation plans of heading back to Europe for a 2-week vacation with a stop over in Amsterdam to have lunch with Topher, Madrid for 3 days & Barcelona to check out Matinee Group’s Circuit Festival. I know what you’re thinking and you’re probably judging me for my choice of activities but if you knew me well enough, you would know that I hardly go out here in Vancouver and partying in another city is totally different and actually fun because I don’t know anyone there. I’m traveling with 4 other friends from Vancouver and a friends from the US and around Europe will be there as well. The last time I’ve traveled to a large party like this was in Montréal’s Black & Blue almost 4 years ago. Check out this video below from last year’s party! It’s like Pride on steroids!

What do you guys have planned for the Summer? Do you like to travel or stay in your city to enjoy Summer to the fullest? What Summer activities do you recommend doing in your home city?

  • bruin

    be safe!!!!!!! are you seeing your special barcelona friend again?

  • Hey Bruin… yeah gonna see him for sure.

  • bruin

    wishing you as many fireworks there could be in Barcelona…

  • Thanks Bru… I can’t wait specially with the shit weather we’ve been having here. Time to get some sun sun sun!

  • Chandra Brouch


    My partner and I are planning on going to Europe with some friends. we want to check out the circuit party in Barcelona and then go to Amsterdam pride(we’ve been before). Any recommendation on accommodation and what parties to go to in Barcelona? we’ve never been to Barcelona, so we kind of want to explore the city a little beside partying. 😉 Love your blog and videos. Do you go to a lot of circuit parties in the U.S? You look familiar. alright, I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks much.

  • Hi Chandra… I’ll send you an email with some details 🙂

  • Chandra Brouch

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.