Back in mid-October, it was announced that Lindsay Lohan was going to be sitting down for a one-on-one interview with Barbara Walters which would air around the time the Liz & Dick Lifetime movie premiere.

Recently, Lindsay Lohan backed out of the interview, apparently advised by her new “people” because they were uncomfortable with the questions that Walters was going to ask. Walters insisted that most of all of the questions were to compare her life to Elizabeth Taylor’s.

Now, it’s been confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will be sitting down for an interview with Jay Leno and Walters is not happy. On The View this morning, she shared that she has worked with the people that represent Lindsay Lohan for a long time and would like to continue, but she is very “disappointed” with how they handled this. How “revenge-y” of Barbara to threaten Lindsay’s “people” with her future “business” with them… love it! LOL. As a side note, how good was last night’s episode of Revenge!? “This one time at Revenge-camp…” Anyway, watch the clip of Barbara discussing this issue on The View this morning below.

Barbara Not Happy With Lohan’s People