Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating People Highlights

Last night, Barbara took over the television with her one on one with Oprah Winfrey and her annual Top 10 Most Fascinating People for 2010. Although nine of the names were known previously, no one knew who the most fascinating person would be until the end of the segment.

Barbara went through the Top 10 list, starting at (10). Betty White started the list off – God love her. I loved that Barbara asked her “Does one have sex at 88 years old? Betty responds,”If one gets lucky I bet they do.” Haha. Of course! Next on the list at (9) is Mark Zuckerberg. Although she didn’t interview him, it’s certainly fascinating that one in fourteen people in the world have signed up for something that he created. I don’t even know that one in fourteen people eat an apple a day! Justin Bieber sang to Barbara from (8) on the list, singing, “My favorite, my favorite, my favorite girl, is Barbara…Walters”. Next on the list was the cast of Jersey Shore at (7). Barbara went through their crazy lifestyle and all their slang, and wrapped up their segment by saying “They are something. I don’t know what. But they are something.”

The next person was Sandra Bullock at (6) for her crazy year, and coming out on top with such dignity. Jennifer Lopez took the number (5) spot, where she denied the rumors that she’d be a diva on American Idol, and talked about how her hubby has taught her how to live outside the public eye. Lebron James, the NBA superstar took spot number (4). He took Cleveland’s losing team and made them a huge success but broke hearts when he decided to take himself down to Miami. The future Queen of England, Kate Middleton took (3) for her immense but all too important formula to being a successful partner to a prince, and Sarah Palin took the (2) spot on the list, saying she thinks she could win against Obama in a run for president.

  • 1. General David Petraeus

    I wasn’t expecting this, but I certainly can see why he was chosen…and it’s certainly a better selection than Jersey Shore. This past year, Obama nominated General David Petraeus to take command in Afghanistan. “This man is a fixer, says Barbara. “He believes that wars like his can’t be won by bullets alone.” He believes in keeping the peace, teaching in schools, showing them new farming techniques, and more. He’s taken on a huge responsibility, but so far so good. After much success in Iraq, I think this man can work his magic in Afghanistan as well.

    What did you think of Barbara’s list this year? Anyone missing in your opinion?

    • A terrific pick my Barbara, he’s the kind of fresh thinking the West needs when working in that region of the world. Eliminate the reasons for the opposition and the opposition disappears.