Attack at the Fountainhead


On Friday, March 13th, a small group of us decided to meet up at the Fountainhead on Davie Street to have a few beers in celebration of another week complete. Tyson, Rich, Kevin, Stephen and I thought it was best to start the night off with a drink before we all went our separate ways for the rest of the night (a nice excuse to start a night of boozing at 7pm).

At around 8:15pm there was a big commotion near the pool table (close to the front doors, if you’re familiar with the establishment), and before anyone realized it, a local, regular customer was laying on the ground and another man was fleeing the scene. Thanks to a number of people who saw the fight and pursued after the man who attacked the victim, he was eventually caught further down the street.

Police, ambulance and fire trucks all descended on the Fountainhead. Everyone still inside was concerned with the man lying on the floor, described as a regular customer in his 60s, by our server. The victim was eventually taken away in the ambulance, still unconscious, by an extremely attractive EMT according to Rich.

From an unknown source on Saturday, we found out that the victim is still in critical condition in the hospital due to the injuries he sustained. As this story develops further, I’ll do my best to continue to update with all of the information that we can find. Obviously, this is a huge concern for the gay community, and the verdict is still out on whether this was a hate crime or worse, gay-on-gay fighting. Either is unacceptable.

  • Dan

    Dan – UPDATE

    In a follow up to my article posted this morning, the following ran in the Vancouver Sun today, outlining the status of the situation I mention above;

    “The victim of a Friday-night attack at a Davie Street pub is not expected to survive the assault, according to Vancouver police. One man was arrested in connection with the assault…Police say words were exchanged between the alleged assailant, 25, and a 62-year-old man. The younger man punched the older man in the face, and the victim fell to the floor, suffering a head injury…

    Police haven’t determined whether the attack was fuelled by anti-gay sentiment, or could be considered a hate crime.”

  • Velvet Steele

    i was there and left about 6pm ish, just wondering if it has anything to do with the construction dudes at the pool table the whole time i was there!!!

  • Adam

    Is the assailant 25 or 35..?

  • Kevin

    Here’s an update for everyone…

    The Vancouver Sun reports that 35-year old Vancouver resident Shawn Woodward has been charged with one count of aggravated assault in connection with this attack. He will appear in court on March 20th. The 62-year old victim is still reported to be in critical condition.

    If you have any information related to the incident, police are asking that you call them or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

  • Del

    Although the comment by *Velvet Steele” sounds like it was written by me – it was not.

    We heard several different stories on the street during the time that the police/ambulance were on the scene – even that it was another shooting.

    I hope it wasn’t the construction workers that were there – the dirty looking guy, with the Super Mario mustache – good time!

    I love how it’s tagged – “drama”.

  • Dan

    We needed to classify it some how Del. The verdict is still out, but stay tuned for additional updates.

  • Mike in Van

    I heard the victim has passed now, is this true?
    How sad!

  • Rich

    It’s tagged drama because it absolutely was. I don’t know if the victim has passed on, either way, it is so tragic. We were up on the elevated sitting area and didn’t see the whole thing, but kudos to the folks who rushed to his aid and chased down the attacker.