Get Ready For Alan Ball’s New Cinemax Series, ‘Banshee’

Alan Ball is known for making TV magic. He’s the man behind some of the most cult-followed shows like Six Feet Under and True Blood. For his newest venture, he’s creating the town of Banshee were corruption and crime are the shows top billing. Critics are already posing the question, will this be Ball’s new True Blood?

The show stars the sexy Anthony Starr who becomes Banshee’s new sheriff. In an interesting twist, Lucas Hood was one of the world’s most notorious thieves. Now, he’s stacking himself up against Kai Proctor played by Ulrich Thomsen who literally runs the town through his twisted criminal activities. But, as we learn in the show’s trailer, Hood has come to Banshee for an ulterior motive.

The show also stars Trieste Kelly Dunn and Ivana Milicevic. But, one character I am really looking forward to is Job played by Hoon Lee. This action packed, physical role sees Lee as a cross-dressing femme fatale. Cinemax says “he’s got a sharp tongue and a quick wit—kind of like Banshee’s answer to Lafayette from True Blood. Job starts the series in dark, heavy make-up and draping dresses, but as events force him on the road he struggles with changing his look to blend in with his surroundings.” This skill will help keep Lucas out of harms way. I. Can’t. Wait!

  • Caleb

    Who is Will Alan Ball? His name is Alan Ball… Not Will.

  • Whoopsie! All corrected! Thanks Caleb.