Ballet BC – Dancing on Point!

Ballet BC - Cultural OlympiadLast night, the hubby and I scored tickets to a performance of Ballet British Columbia’s ‘The Goldberg Variations, Side 2: Adam, Eve and Steve”, plus “Carmen” running currently at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in downtown VanCity.

Being a part of the Cultural Olympiad for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, it was my first taste of the artistic flavour being infused into this city in preparations leading up to the game. Being fascinated by all things dance-related, I jumped at the chance at putting on my Sunday-best and heading out for some toe-pointed entertainment!

Both shows were stunning in their own efforts. The first, AE&S, showcasing the torment of a gay man, trying to convince his ‘bi-sexual’ lover to give up his current female lover and embrace his homosexual feelings (this of course being my own personal interpretation…) was stunningly presented and riddled with emotions. The ensemble of dancers that supported the three main characters were so intertwined in the movements that it often felt like hundreds of people were on stage at once. This, plus two men dancing together for the majority of the performance, amazing.

The second performance, Carmen, explored even deeper feelings of sexual desire, this time the emotions stem from a powerful female character, and it made me pine to dance with a jazzed up woman in a hot red dress! Similar to that of the final dance scenes from the movie ‘Center Stage’, Carmen showcases ballet with a modern twist, appealing to the newcomers as well as the ballet connoisseurs.

The part that touched me most about my night with the ballet wasn’t the dancing (although inspiring), but the emotional plea from Graeme Barrit, the Chair and President of the Board, and John Alleyne, the Artistic Director of Ballet BC. As most BC residents will recall, due to the economic recession causing havoc to all artistic productions, Ballet BC was almost forced to close their doors back in December. The company urged people to donate any funds they could to help keep their doors open and their talented dancers working in an industry they love. They have received almost half of the funds they need to keep all the productions for this scheduled year in the line up, but they still need more help!

I know this leaves you sitting there thinking, what can I do to help? All I recommend is buy a ticket and be entertained by the show. It’s that simple.

The following link has all the information and more about each show, if my words weren’t enough to convince you: