Bagel Head: The Newest Body Modification Craze In Tokyo Revealed

I am prefacing this post with a big ol’ WTF?! There have been a lot of plastic surgery trends in the past. From breast implants, to botox and lip injections. But, the latest plastic surgery/injection trend out of Tokyo, Japan definitely has me puzzled.

The craze involves a saline injection to the head which forms a giant bump on your forehead. Then, the person performing the injection will place their thumb on the bubble to form the bagel-like look. Sounds ridiculous, right? This bod-mod craze has been around since 2008 but don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever. The injection lasts about sixteen hours and is then absorbed by the body leaving the forehead flat.

If you’re sensitive to needles, I suggest you don’t watch the clip taken from National Geographic’s new show, Taboo. Watch the new injection craze in action below.

Taboo : Bagel Heads

  • Steve-O

    That is messed up!!!

  • Rob

    WTF painful to watch (and i didnt even press play)