Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance: Music Video


Here it is folks, Gaga’s new video for Bad Romance. In true Gaga form, it is full of strong imagery, fashion, sex, love, and everything in between.

If you have missed any of her live performances over the past 6 months, she is throwing in all the outfits from her most memorable performances including the MMVA spark bra, the SNL atom suit and the VMA blonde wig.

The video starts off with Gaga holding court with her subjects from what I am assuming is the Haus of Gaga. Cut to the start of the video in the Bath Haus of Gaga which I’m sure is a nod to gay life. She goes through so many version of her most memorable outfits over the past while, and even throws in a product shot of her new headphones. It’s a pretty strong video, with a pretty fierce middle when she rocking the McQueen shoes that we have all been gagging (no pun intended) about.

Funny enough, with all the ferocity in the video, my two favorite parts of it, where I think she looks the most stunning, is the closeup on the white background where she’s crying, and the mirror shot with the long blonde hair and black outfit.

What’s your favorite part of the video?


  • Definitely the Alexander McQueen shoes all over this video! Hot!

  • I want a pair

  • Nathan

    The black outfit in the mirror “she looks flawless… and yeah just sick styling everywhere!

  • OMOthug

    Love the bear cape.

  • Harlequin

    Great video!

  • Kat

    This is an awesome video. I agree, the moment when she was in all black and facing the mirror, she was gorgeous. Amazing.

  • Jared

    Damn.. The was pretty damn crazy… and good lol

  • Brad

    totally fierce video….and huge kudos to the styling and creative team….BUT….i think you miss the point of the message big time. Yes…I’m sure the message is very relevant to her gay fans and otherwise…if you look deeper in the video beyond the obvious statement of fashion as in fashion haus Re bath haus….the empty destructive nature of casual sex….sex and nothing equal death and ugliness….this is a very strong message to the gay community and other wise. Don’t be shallow look past the bling bling and get what she’s say boys. She is totally fierce. 🙂

  • bruin

    the details of the video is so amazingly good. 10-12 outfit changes? that’s pulling a beybey in deja vu!

    my favorite scene is where she’s just still with all the crystals. cant wait for her concert!

  • Calan

    Sick. She is driving the bus to fierce-ville and I’m on it the whole way!

  • Harlequin

    I didn’t get that message Brad. The message I saw was essentially ‘Love is Blind’

    I mean, right from the get go, you have her sitting, like a zombie in her seat, listening to calm music, and her eyes covered, living a lie. When it stops, she, and everyone around her studdenly wakes up. Which would explain the freaky creatures coming out of the capsules, the skeletons are coming out of the closet. And the large eyes in the bathtub, as her eyes are finally opening. From then on, it’s amazing imagery to the point of seeing things for what they really are, dealing with the situation, and becoming strong enough to leave that situation, burn the bridge, and come out on top. No matter how bad you want it. 😀

    That’s how I saw it anyway. 😛

  • Harlequin

    I think my favourite scene is the one where she is so anorexically skinny. I took that as the part where you have to starve yourself from that person, cold turkey. Because you know with -that- person, you can never have just one bite. They’re addictive. All or nothing. Unhealthy, but oh so yummy.

  • Brad

    :-)…like any art piece…its open for interpretation.

  • Harlequin

    Which is why she’s SoOoOo Awesome! 😉 I can’t wait till she comes in December. I’ve been counting the days. lol

  • the actual meaning of the video as said by Gaga is that model kidnapped her and drigged her. then sold her off to the Russian Mafia for sexual slavery.

  • bruin

    i totally agree with Brad, this is all open for different interpretation. i saw the big eyes as innocence before she got kidnapped. it’s so incredible bc like famous literature or poetry, which is also open for interpretation, it’s very difficult to incorporate that element into a POP music video. well done indeed

  • Brad

    my favourite scene is with her standing still among the crystals as well…just love it…however its tough to choose just one…the whole of the video is a feast for the senses…just love it.

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  • Julia

    I agree with most of these interpretations. Although the meaning that I got from it is that it is simply about a relationship she was in where the lover in question obviously didnt want her anymore, explaining the crying scenes-I mean it showed alot of emotion so it obviously came from somewhere- but the song meaning and the video meaning remain differently to me, This is probably the most artsy and original music video I have ever seen. I think this is by far her most meaningful song and one of her best peices. Kudos. Oh, and my top five favorite scenes have to be the mirror image, the diamonds falling, the finale, the special effects added to her backbone, and the part where she looks like a doll-Which probably signifies that she is being controlled by the “bath haus of gaga”. I’m just sayin’, thats what I got from it.

  • Joe

    Her sweet ass when she drops the robe.

  • MsItalia

    What I get from the “Bad Romance” is the all-consuming passion. Our love/obsession for the object of our affections first ignites us, then we burn for it, and finally we destroy it by setting it on fire. Favorite scene: the ones where it is just her face and little make-up, last one shows a single tear tracking – beautiful.

  • Nando

    lady gaga é ver a vida pelo melhor lado.
    ela representa a felicidade.

  • Taylor Trinity

    I want the Unicorn Shoes!! They fucking rock!

  • hi lady im gaga

  • I totally love this song,it’s awesome:X:X and i can dance just like lady gaga…my favorite scene form this video is the dance scene,of course…but not when the monsters dance,i like the auction scene……

  • Tgwizman

    Does anyone know how she did the scene where she is standing still in the middle of all the still/falling crystals?

    Please post it at my comments at my youtube.

  • Dee

    I remember the energy that Madonna brought onto the stage when she first started. We have not seen anything like that since…that is until GaGa. For a while there people would say “Britney is the next Madonna” or “Christina is the next Madonna”. Nope! Gaga is not Madonna, but she gives her a good run for her money! She has ‘it’ and she’s bowling everyone over! I love the scene where she’s walking to her Russian lover wearing the long polar bear coat. Very cool!

  • Cali

    Does anyone know the name of the dude in the video?! i recognize him from somewhere but can NOT but a name to the face!! help me pleeease!!!

  • sara

    Cali he is called Yuri Bradac he is hot 🙂

  • stevie

    My Fav part is when she’s dressed in green with the crab shoes!!!! I LOVE those shoes! She looks soooo amzing!