Backstreet Boys Are Back With New ‘It’s Christmas Time Again’ Single

Now that Halloween’s over and we’re into November, The Backstreet Boys are taking the words right out of our mouths with their new single: “It’s Christmas Time Again“. The best-selling boy band of all time have released this surprise new single as a Christmas present while fans wait patiently for their new album that comes out in 2013. “We want to give you the first gift of the season,” says the BSB.

It’s actually not bad at all and later on in the season when it’s actually time to start doing Christmas-y type things, I’ll likely have it on my holiday playlist. Here are some of the lyrics: “When the snow is falling down, down, down / You know that Santa is back in town, town, town / That’s when it’s Christmas time again /Ta ta ta ta, it’s Christmas time again!”

This is the first Backstreet Boys single with Kevin Richardson since he left the band. Give it a listen below!

Backstreet Boys – ‘It’s Christmas Time Again’