Oh, You’re Back Together..? Grrrrrreat….

back-togetherNow, i realize that any advice from me on relationships is akin to Helen Keller explaining the intricacies of rococo art, but what i can comment on is the effect you peoples’ relationships have on your friends. Mainly, when you break up with your boyfriends; finally allow us to reveal what we thought about the guy or “you two as a couple”; garner our support in your post-break up sorrow and anger; then, ultimately (and eye-rollingly) get back together… aye, there’s the rub!
Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way: this is by no means about any particular friend(s) of mine- in fact, i’m really happy a couple of you found your way back to each other, however, the pattern seems to repeat itself so damned prolifically in the gay scene i had to say something.

Again, i have never spoken the words “we’re getting back together” myself, but i have forced more than just a couple smiles hearing them! Of course, as a friend, we want you to be happy, but if you are going to get us in your camp during the post-break up/pre-back together portion of your “relationship”, you can’t expect us to go all honky dory at the drop of a hat when things are back on. Well, you can: we love you no matter what, but it still takes some adjustment time.

Basically, i’m just complaining here, but i do hope these words at least affect you “daters” a bit the next time you decide that the familiarity of your ex is a lot easier than creating a manhunt account… whoa, ok, admittedly that did get a bit judgy there!

How am i still single, right?

  • Rich

    And so what are we supposed to do when you make us pick sides during one of your monthly friend hates? Just kidding???

  • bruin

    eww you’re wearing a USC shirt.

    take if off!

  • adam

    Haha, would love to get topless, but it’s my mom’s from over 30 years ago and I just love it!

  • bruin

    i bet you also like riding their horse

  • SJ Donovan

    As someone getting back together with an on-again-off-again (on and off and on…) I can’t say that I expect my friends to be accepting, because honestly, I myself am not completely sold on the concept. I expect that they’ll be settled with it as soon as I am.