Garrett Clayton Heads ‘Back To The 90s’ For Boy Band Parody

Garrett Clayton is only 26-years-old, but he’s clearly a lover of the 90s. He teams up with director Ben Giroux and hip-hop artist Jensen Reed for “Back to the 90s.” The parody recreates some of the most iconic music videos during the golden age of boy bands. Speaking of which…

It’s only fitting this clip premieres today on May 1. N Sync sees a major bump with their “It’s Gonna Be Me” music video this time of year.

Since 2013, the official YouTube video has received an average of 5.2x daily plays each April 30 (compared to the previous week). Searches for “gonna be me” on YouTube also increase by an average of 6.9x on each April 30. All this because of those memes poking fun at Justin Timberlake’s pronunciation of the title.


Back to the 90s – Ben Giroux & Jensen Reed (ft. Jared Lee & Garrett Clayton)