Kirsten Dunst & Rebel Wilson Star In “Bachelorette”

After “Bridesmaids” captured the hearts and belly laughs of everyone, everywhere, it was only a matter of time before copycat films ensued. Enter the first, very similar movie to follow. It’s called “Bachelorette” and stars Bridesmaids actress Rebel Wilson who if you have been watching, has career that has completely blossomed in the last year. The film also stars Kirsten Dunst, James Marsden and Isla Fisher to name a few. The concept is pretty simple.

Regan played by Dunst is used to being first and best at everything in her group of friends. However, the tables are turned when her friend Becky (played by Wilson) who they all call Pig Face drops the bomb that she is engaged and is getting married. Regan and gal pals Gena (Lizza Caplan) and Katie (Isla Fisher) suck it up and take on the task of being Becky’s bridesmaids. The three decide to put their bitterness aside and throw one hell of a bachelorette party. However as all comedies of this nature do, the night seems to go drastically awry.

The evening consists of dramatic encounters with booze (of course), wedding dress malfunctions, bodily fluids and cute ex-boyfriends. One of them played by Adam Scott. But, its Regan who meets her match with best man Trevor (James Marsden) in the picture. Check out the hilarious trailer below and tell us if you think it’ll stack up against the massively hilarious, “Bridesmaids.”

“Bachelorette” Movie Trailer