Meet The Rumored Cast of Bachelor Pad Season 3

We’re still in the midst of Emily Maynard’s search for her Prince Charming, but the third season of “The Bachelor Pad” is just around the corner. Literally. Reports say the new cast of Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects are set to move in next week, according to Once again, we have a mixture of crazies, fame whores and hot six-packed studs. See if any of your past favorites managed to get an invite from ABC.

As you can see in the picture above, Kalon McMahon (top left) and Ryan Bowers (bottom right) from Emily’s season made the cut. Obviously this means, neither men end up winning the heart of the gorgeous Maynard which should come as no surprise. Both men put the proverbial foot in their respective mouth’s last episode. Kalon told her to shut up and not to interrupt him, while Ryan warned her not to get fat or else he wouldn’t love “ON” her if she did. OUCH. Total class A jerks if you ask me. That said, they’ll both make for great summer viewing on this trashy show.

For you “The Bachelor” fans, you’ll recognize Jenna Burke (pictured middle) from Ben Flajnik’s season. If you recall, she was the Carrie Bradshaw-like blogger who seemed like she was one of the saner ladies. Of course, one can argue how sane can you really be if you’re battling 24 other women for the heart of one man. Within the first hour, Burke quickly became unhinged at the cocktail party and began crying for no apparent reason. I’m sure she’s signing on for the show for some sort of redemption. With even more backstabbing on “Bachelor Pad” than “The Bachelor”, I’m predicting she’ll even be more cray cray. See who else is rumored to be joining the cast below. who has a knack for being quite accurate with spoilers for the Bachelor franchise has divided up the rumored cast into two parts- pretty much confirmed and rumored contestants. See if you remember any of them.

Pretty Much Confirmed Contestants  

  • Blakeley Shea
  • Jaclyn Swartz
  • Jenna Burke
  • Nick Peterson
  • Ryan Bowers
  • Kalon McMahon

Rumored Contestants

  • Ed Swiderski
  • Reid Rosenthal
  • Lisa Morrissey
  • Ames Brown
  • Erica Rose
  • Ryan Park
  • Craig Robinson
  • Lindzi Cox
  • Rozlyn Papa
  • Michael Stagliano

What do you think of the rumored cast? Personally, I’m shocked to see Michael Stagliano on the rumored list. Didn’t winning Season 2 naturally exclude him from Season 3? Other rumored returnees include Erica Rose and Ames Brown, both of whom appeared in the second season with Stagliano.

Once again there is speculation Rozlyn Papa is joining the cast. She was the one who supposedly had an “inappropriate” relationship with one of the producers while taping Jake Pavelka’s season.

Speaking of six-packed abs, I hope producers add a couple more male hotties to the list. So far the only male cast members I’m looking forward to are Ames, Reid Rosenthal and Ryan Parks (sorta). Who are you looking forward to seeing? Who would you cast for Season 3? Sound off below.

  • CT

    I hope Erica Rose is back this season, she was so funny last season, she was cracking me up, and I was prepared to hate her when the season started. I’m suprised Courtney isn’t on this list, she could be the producers “Vienna” for this season