It was a roller coaster season of Bachelor Pad this summer. The drama was laid on so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Now, it’s down to four remaining couples: Kirk & Ella, Graham & Michelle, Kasey & Vienna and Holly & Michael. The episode begins as the couples head to Las Vegas for the final challenge. The troupe heads into a theater where they discover they are about to climb up the vertical wall from Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka” as a pair. They will be judged by former Bachelor/Bachelorette vets on showmanship, chemistry and technique. Ultimately, the best couple will stay and the worst couple must pack their bags and leave Vegas immediately.

The couples get off to a fairly good start with their choreographers on level ground except for the never ending fighting Kasey Kahl & Vienna Girardi. In the routine, they must create 10 seconds of their own choreography. Kasey has this idea to great a heart in the air (of course) and Vienna proceeds to be difficult and dramatic and claims it’s a terrible idea. The couples rehearse on the actual wall and Michelle feels nauseous while Ella is terrified of heights. As they go into the night, all the couples continue to work hard on their routines… except for Kasey and Vienna.

The next day, it’s showtime and the couples must perform for their judges: the first ever Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, former Bachelor Jason Mesnick and engaged Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. The trio must decide who gives the best performance and award them roses as well as the send the couple they believe did the worst job home empty handed. The performances go well for Vienna and Jake while Graham and Michelle and Kirk and Ella have a rough time. The ultimate win is clear when Mike Stagliano & Holly Durst take to the wall. Their chemistry is undeniable and their final lift is stunning.

It’s no surprise that the trio of veterans award the win to Mike & Holly but who will they send home? Sadly, they decide that the couple with the worst performance goes to Kirk DeWindt & Ella Nolan. The two leave immediately but Ella is clearly upset. She was counting on winning this money to help purchase a home for her and her son. Oh well, I guess she’s not too poorly off because she afforded to pay for some plastic surgery post-Bachelor Pad to reshape her body and face. I digress.

Now, Mike and & Holly must decide who they will give the final two roses to to take with them to the final four. The two talk to Vienna and Kasey first who practically tell the two that if they choose to take them to the final four, they will probably win because Vienna and Kasey have put too much blood on their hands. After that conversation, Mike and Holly head to talk to Graham Bunn & Michelle Money where Mike says honestly to the two of them that if they take them to the final four, they will probably win over Mike & Holly which is why they may not take them. Graham and Michelle feel absolutely blindsided but understand they have to do what they have to do.

At the final rose ceremony, Chris Harrison pulls Mike and Holly aside to call out the names of who they have chosen to take with them to the final four. Mike gives a speech about how this decision was about either being selfish, or being selfless. It would be selfish for them to take Vienna and Kasey because they know they would win. It would be selfless to Graham and Michelle because they believe those two could beat them for the money. After Holly says her piece, the two say they decide to take Graham and Michelle with them to the finals. Obviously, Vienna and Kasey are PISSED but karma is a bitch that can slap you in the face and in my opinion, it’s about time for them to get their best desserts.

Switch now to the studio audience where all of the former Bachelor Pad contestants are reunited once. Chris talks to Jake Pavelka and all of the drama is stirred up once again but Kasey seems to have had a change of heart and apologizes to Jake. Later, we find out that Kasey is appalled by what he saw when he re-watched the show and feels so broken by his relationship with Vienna and wants to be in a better place. We also discover that the heart warming relationship between Jackie Gordon and Ames Brown has come to a screeching halt.

My ultimate favorite (and kind of awkward) moment of the night was when Chris put Blake Julian in the hot seat. There, he expresses his undying love for Holly and we are then shown a video clip of Blake proposing to Holly. It was absolutely adorable and sweet but you can tell that some of the former contestants and audience members aren’t quite sure how to react. Too soon? Probably a little bit.

But the winning awkward moment of the night comes with the final two couples hit the studio and Chris says congratulations to Holly on the engagement and Mike had no idea that had happened until sitting on stage. I feel so bad for the guy. That probably rocked his world so hard I’m sure it through him for a complete loop. However, he plays the bigger man and congratulates the two of them and the show moves on.

The former contestants must choose who they think is most deserving of the money. The first couple to receive 8 votes will move on to the final round. After 11 votes, Mike & Holly are chosen to move on to the next round. Now, Mike and Holly must decide separately if they want to share the money or keep it for themselves. After Mike has just had his world rocked, I’m not sure if he’ll choose keep or share at this point. The two head to the deliberation rooms to make their decision.

When the two return, Holly goes first and reveals that she would share the final prize with Mike. After Mike goes through all of the scenarios, he says that Holly will be his team mate for life and also chooses to share the money. Horray, the two share the quarter of a million. Much deserved for the both of them and now, Holly has a little bit of money to add to her wedding fund.

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