B14, N34, & 069… Bingo

bingoThat’s all I needed to win $1000.00 at Bingo last Friday.  Saleem, Brian, Topher and I were just chilling at our condo one night playing cards when we decided that it’d be fun if we tried something new for the weekend instead of our usual antics of partying.   Immediately we thought of BINGO.  I mean what could be more fun than dabbers, mini-troll dolls and a bunch of senior citizens eagerly waiting for numbered balls to drop.  Sounds like a kick-ass Friday night to me.  We then decided to get the ball rolling and create a Facebook event in hopes of getting a gaggle of gays to venture across the bridge for some PG rated fun.  For the most part Downtown Homos, don’t like to cross the bridge.  It’s like the bridge and tunnel in NYC but without the tunnel or the thick Jersey accents.

So Friday night comes and to my surprise 13 of us show up at PLANET BINGO ready for action.  Since it was our first time there, we had no idea where to go.  There were literally 3 floors full of people playing from the earlier rounds.  We finally found space on the 3rd floor in the LUNAR LOUNGE – it was uber classy.  Looking like a bunch of lost sheep, the manager of PLANET BINGO saw our puzzled faces and introduced himself to us.  Not only did he help us out with what book to buy, describe the winning patterns but he also gave us all FREE DABBERS.  Personally I think he did this cuz he was a Mo himself but I digress.  Back to these confusing patterns that we apparently had to do in order to win the game. I mean what the heck was a CRAZY ARROW, PICNIC TABLE, or SQUARE DANCE just to name a few.  Apparently Bingo isn’t just about getting a line or covering the whole card which BTW is called BLACKOUT.  I guess to make it interesting for the regulars they have to come up with new and exciting patterns to make.  After a few games we all started to get the hang of it.  Adam even started to do BINGO Pilates and do some wierd stretching exercises with his dabber. Granted he was a bit intoxicated due to pre-drinking watching Battlestar Galacticas.  After all was said and done, we all had a great time even though none of us ended up winning a dime – I guess the lucky gnome-troll figurine Daniel brought didn’t bring us any luck.

After bingo, we decided to meet up with Matt S. & Kyle at the Fountainhead for some drinks and to meet Kyle’s parents who were in town from Jasper. Kevin and Stephen ended up dropping by as well after their dinner. We ended up staying there for a bit before we all parted ways. Some went to 1181 and some went to Numbers but Brian and I went home early since we had to get up pretty early to take the 9am ferry to Vancouver Island.

A big shout out to Topher for organizing the night out and for Landon, Channa, Daniel, Tyson, Mark N, Ryan, Sous, Saleem, Adam, Patrick and Brian for being open-minded to try something new.  [simpleviewer id=”1″ width=”800″ height=”600″ link=”Click here to view pics from that night.”]