Azealia Banks Drops ‘BBD’ And Tweets About ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’

It took me a minute but I’ve totally hopped on the Azealia Banks bandwagon. While her initial single, 212 was pretty in your face, it definitely put this female rapper on the map and made everyone take notice. With the succes of her EP, 1991, it’s only natural that Banks is gearing up to release a full-length album for 2013. Azealia took her Twitter yesterday to share a new track titled BBD and to talk about her new album.

Broke With Expensive Taste is currently set for release on February 12 of this year and as Azealia tweeted to her followers will feature the first single, Miss Amor. But, instead of giving fans a sneak peek of that track, she instead handed out a different track titled BBD which stands for Bad Bitches Doin’. While the song doesn’t have the same instrumental production that 1991 thrives upon, Banks’ rap game is on point.