Azealia Banks Channels Early Madonna For 1991 Music Video

Who releases a brand new video on Sunday of Labor Day long weekend? Azealia Banks, that’s who. That’s one of the many reasons I love this woman. She plays by her own set of rules. FIERCE. The 21-year-old rapper dropped the visual for the title track off her EP, 1991, which was directed by Justin Mitchell. Once again, Banks looks stunning, especially in the close-up scenes.

It’s only fitting, given the song title, that the clip is a sort of homage to early 90s dance videos. Didn’t it seem like most of them during that era featured fashion photography and minimalistic backdrops? If there was one artist who served the most inspiration for her “1991” clip, I would have to pick Madonna’s “Vogue” video. From the suit, to the glamor shots, to the nods to vogue dance moves, the music video definitely evokes the Material Girl. In fact, I also see a bit of “Express Yourself“, “Lucky Star” and “Rain” in there as well. Watch the clip below and see if you notice all the Madonna references.

Azealia Banks ‘1991’ Music Video

Apparently, this is the last music video from her 1991 EP. The next new clip will most likely be a track from her forthcoming debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, tentatively scheduled to hit stores in February 2013. Are you looking forward to new material from the Harlem-born musician? Sound off below.

  • Daniel

    I loved the video, but more than madonna I think is more Crystal Waters song 100% Pure Love, the videos are the same:

  • Girl this shit is Madonna Vogue with the Glass table and Head shot, Voguing backup dancers, its also Robin S and C+C Music Factory!!! Love her she is my new favourite Rapper!!!! ROMAN GO ON A VERY LONG HOLIDAY

  • OMG! Daniel you know your shit you are so right!!

  • JMC

    The whole video is done in the style of 100% Pure Love but there are lots of nods to the Vogue video most noticeably the reflective black glass set up.

    It’s a great video for a track that sounds like nothing else out there. I haven’t made my mind up on the EP and whether Azealia’s gold is in her talents or her producers but 1991 is an exceptional and unique track. I’ve thought for a while now there’s a great record to be made using the sound of the 90’s. We’ve had dozens of mainstream pop and dance records influenced by 80’s music like Gwen’s solo efforts and much of Gaga’s work but I’m aching for a 90’s dance record that gives me visions of C+C Music Factory and Dannii Minogue. Before this EP the best example of that 90’s sound being used recently is Gaga’s Schiesse.