Avril Lavigne Is More Popular Than Britney Spears?

Well, if Facebook fans were to be the only indication of popularity, then the answer would be “Yes”. Avril Lavigne recently surpassed a whopping 20 million fans on Facebook (the number is now just under 21 million). She has almost double the amount of Facebook fans than Britney Spears, who has 11.3 million fans. I only compare the two because you’d think that Britney would be more popular, given the constant buzz around her music and her life, but evidently that is not the case on Facebook. I guess people “Like” Avril more.

Lavigne, whose latest single is called “Smile,” certainly has a lot to smile about with a fan following like that. To thank her fans, the green haired Canadian export posted a video on her Facebook/YouTube accounts thanking everyone for their continued support – while wearing a bikini. You can check it out later in the post.

So how does Avril compare in Facebook popularity with some of the other big name musical artists of today? I took the time to compile a little list for you of some of the big names that come to mind…

Check out my list below:

Famous Names In Music: Facebook Popularity (June 1st, 2011)

  • 1. Eminem – 38,919,986
  • 2. Lady Gaga – 36,742,227
  • 3. Rihanna – 35,894,382
  • 4. Justin Bieber – 28,763,811
  • 5. Beyonce – 22,726,867
  • 6. Avril Lavigne 20,920,931
  • 7. Usher – 19,887,595
  • 8. Glee – 14,325,912
  • 9. Chris Brown – 11,812,256
  • 10. Britney Spears – 11,328,677
  • 11. Justin Timberlake – 10,308,115
  • 12. U2 – 9,080,575
  • 13. Madonna – 5,298,675
  • 14. Jennifer Lopez – 4,412,985
  • 15. Christina Aguilera – 3,920,081
  • 16. Janet Jackson – 722,759

*There would of course be several other names in between the ones I’ve listed, but I only chose to look up a few.

Wowsa! Watch out, Gaga – Rihanna is catching up!! So is Christina!! (Just kidding). Now, check out Avril’s thirty second thank you:


  • nacho

    That list is wrong eminem is the number one he has 38,919,986 fans

  • Thanks for the tip, Nacho. I’ve added him in now.

  • Rob

    Every day Britney gets out of bed and rushes to make sure Justin is still less popular.

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