Avicii & Rita Ora Debut Music Video For ‘Lonely Together’

Everyone at one point has been asked what superpower they’d like to possess. For me, invisibility would be top on my list. The ability to go anywhere unseen to learn all the tea and see certain things would be awesome. Freezing time wouldn’t be bad either. Ergo this clip from Avicii and Rita Ora for their melancholy dance track, “Lonely Together.” Director Levan Tsikurishvili explains his vision below.

“It was such a big honor to create this beautiful piece for Avicii and Rita Ora,” says. “What I would do if I could freeze the world — imagine one day if you really could do that, what would you do?”

Not exactly sure if the song’s lyrics really correlate with the video’s narrative, but it’s a fun watch nonetheless. A young couple runs around enjoying being the only ones able to move in a frozen world. They hit up a pool hall, street carnival, ballet and even get a little frisky while everything is at a standstill. All the while, they capture everything with their camera to post on social media later, no doubt. Check out the video below.

Avicii ft. Rita Ora ‘Lonely Together’ Music Video