Avicii Releases “Fade Into Darkness” Music Video

Well, this is awkward. Just after Leona Lewis debuts her video for the controversial single Collide which “samples” Avicii’s original track Penguin, Avicii himself releases the video for the vocal version of the track titled Fade Into Darkness and I have to admit, I like this song WAY better than Collide. The male voice just suits the track so well and I love the heaviness of the lyrics juxtaposed with the melodic piano. The video also does the same thing.

We watch as a beautiful young couple seem so in love but then, it all goes arye. We watch as the stunning blonde leaves her male counterpart behind only to walk the streets and shut the lights down in the city. When her partner wakes up and realizes she isn’t there, he goes chasing after her. The result at the end may shock you. Check out the Fade Into Darkness video below.


What do you think? Who’s track do you like better: Leona Lewis’ “Collide”, or Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness.” Sound off below.

  • JP

    I like this one but Collide is way better!

  • Marc

    Ummm….what about this is so great?

  • erico