Penis Size Across Europe: The Eiffel Tower Is Pretty Big

A site called Alpha Designer has released a map that shows average penis sizes by country in Europe. This isn’t actually the only map the site has done. In fact, there are also stereotype maps that bring light to how people from different cultures view each other or themselves. The calendar is done by Yanko Tsvetkov and features stereotype maps of Europe, the Near and Middle East, and the United States from the point of view of your average bigot. There’s even a “Europe According To Gay Men“. I’ve included a link to these later in the post so you know where to purchase the the prints, a T-Shirt, or even a binder cover.

Anyway, back to the Penis Size Map of Europe. So who tops the list you might ask? Well, although I mentioned The Eiffel Tower in the heading, France actually comes in second for penis size average. Let’s just say, the country leading the pack brings new meaning to the dirty phrase, “C*ck Hungry Hungary.”

Europe According to National Penis Size

16+ cm (6.3 inches+)

1. Hungary (16.51)
2. France (16.01)

15.5-16 cm (6.1-6.3 inches)

3. Czech Republic (15.89)
4. The Netherlands (15.87)
5. Italy (15.74)
6. Belgium (15.65)
7. Georgia (15.61)

15-15.5 cm – (5.9-6.1 inches)

8. Denmark (15.29)
9. Slovakia (15.21)
10. Slovenia (15.13)
11. Bulgaria (15.02)

14.5-15 cm (5.7-5.9 inches)

12. Serbia (14.87)
13. Sweden (14.80)
14. Croatia (14.77)
15. Greece (14.73)
15. Albania (14.73)
17. Belarus (14.63)
18. Iceland (14.56)

14-14.5 cm (5.5-5.9 inches)

19. Germany (14.48)
20. Switzerland (14.35)
21. Norway (14.34)
22. Poland (14.29)
23. Austria (14.16)
24. Turkey (14.11)

13.5-14 cm (5.3-5.5 inches)

25. Macedonia (13.98)
26. Ukraine (13.97)
26. United Kingdom (13.97)
28. Spain (13.85)
29. Estonia (13.78)
30. Finland (13.77)

13-13.5 cm (5.1-5.3 inches)

31. Armenia (13.22)
32. Russia (13.21)
33. Portugal (13.19)

12.5-13 cm (4.9-5.1 inches)

34. Ireland (12.78)
35. Romania (12.73)

No Data

Andorra, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino/

*The maps was created by Magazine of Thoughts.

Europe According To Gay Men

You can find the “Mapping Sterotypes Project” here.

  • Xoralm

    Greetings from Hungary 😛

  • John Dugan

    There’s variation in size in all men in all countries – and health of the tool varies even more from one man to the next. Most men need to use a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help with dry penis skin, odor, etc.

  • GoldenSRB

    the balkan gay map si just so funny

    because it’s true

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  • SkyDan

    there are no more than 5% differences in penis sizes in Caucasians. the map is funny and good for dogs swallowing every aerial crumb from the table. this far the Internet culture got.

  • Apples117

    It’s just documented cock sizes you buffoon you clicked for the article.

  • I am your Senpai

    Romania is foken last , why life ,why?

  • Bobo

    Its a fake article written by a Hungarian , that’s why, and he might have been adopted by a French pedophile


    1. It was from a American 2. French, ’cause Black people, and nobody fucking knows, where Hungarians are from

  • Teo

    I fuckin hate them(im from serbia)

  • Teo

    ?isti bolesnici

  • heW