It’s Official… We All Need A Life

According to Nielsen, American’s watched more TV than ever before in 2010. I’m not sure if I should be excited or disappointed. According to the stats, American’s watched 34 more hours of TV a week. That’s practically a full time job. To be honest, I found myself watching more TV this year since joining the Homorazzi cast. I jumped onboard while recapping the Canadian season of So You Think You Can Dance. From there, I also started recapping Dancing With The Stars, Skating With The Stars and The Sing-Off.

With the performance nights and the elimination nights and some of the shows totalling two hours a night each, it turned into a lot of boob tube time. Not to mention, Patrick was also recapping Survivor and The Apprentice. Then, you add on top of that the other shows we watched: Glee, Gossip Girl, and Brothers and Sisters and to be honest, that probably isn’t even the half of them. I’ll admit, we watch a lot of TV. While writing articles in the morning, we usually have the morning talk shows on in the background or our new guilty pleasure network, E!.

So, what had us so captivated this year? Well for starters, the remake of an old classic had us tuning in every Monday. Hawaii Five-O made waves with its debut which saw some of Nielsen’s highest ratings for a remake for network, CBS. As a whole, CBS was a winner with other freshman hits like Blue Bloods and Mike & Molly. It seems we were also obsessed with the musically inclined Glee and the rarely completely accurate FOX News which rose to the top in cable news programming.

What really surprised me was our new obsession with trash-to-treasure reality shows. History grew 25% this year with their new hits Pawn Stars and American Pickers. Another trend was the viewership from broadcast to cable. I’m sure that had to do with the recession and people choosing to get rid of their pricey satellite and digital cable boxes to opt for more practical TV viewing. Even though NBC was the lowest rated broadcast network, it still had twice as many viewers as the highest rated cable network, USA.

So what shows weren’t you watching? It seems like teen/young adult network The CW had a rough start to the fall 2010 year with four of its primetime shows ending up in the lowest of the ratings game including Monday night mega-hits 90210 and Gossip Girl. Outlaw, Lonestar and My Generation were all cancelled pretty early on in the game. Even long running drama Medium found itself being chopped by the ax.

With 2011 just beginning how many New Year’s resolutions do we have out there to watch less TV this year? Or was your goal to watch more TV? With the addition of a few new networks this year, some favorites returning for the second half of the season and some new shows starting this January, its sure to be another race to the finish line to see if we all become couch potatoes once again. On a high note, active video games became a popular sell this year with the introduction of PlayStation Move and XBox Kinect. Hopefully that means American’s are taking a break from still movement and getting active every once a while. What shows are you ready to watch in 2011?

  • I only watch Glee, Gossip Girl and South Park. I recently Picked up Hellcats, but both it and Glee have been repeating story lines and annoying me so unless the back-end episodes are a lot better, I may stop watching both.

  • adam a.

    I can totally understand the increase in television, especially since, as mentioned above, that many americans needed cheap entertainment.

    I find myself watching a lot of tv, but as I say that, I realize that I don’t just sit in front of the tv and watch it. It is usually on and I am “watching” something as I am doing something else (which usually results in me missing a lot of details).

    I am curious what all of you do that allows you all to be watching tv during the days to report on it….don’t you work?

  • Half surveyed said they thought the time spent watching TV was the best way to catch up with one another, but over one in 10 admitted it was the only time they were all together in the same room.