Nerd Alert: Avengers vs X-Men Collected Edition

If you follow me on Twitter (@TommyD) or Instagram (@Tommy_D83), you will have noticed that I posted a picture of the motherload that I got from MARVEL COMICS in their latest shipment. If you missed it I’m going to post it at the end of this entry.

One of the books I got this time was the Avengers vs X-Men COLLECTED EDITION! This book is massive, honestly I was incredibly surprised and totally grateful to have gotten this gift. If you don’t know about AvX, it was the epic story of the return of the Phoenix force and how the X-Men think it was to help rebuild their mutant population after the devastation the Scarlet Witch created my whispering “No more mutants.” This sounds like something positive, however the Avengers know the Phoenix Force coming back to Earth will do nothing but wreak havoc on everything like it has in the past.

So the story goes Tony Stark figure out the Phoenix Force is coming to Earth, and he tries to destroy it. In reality he breaks it into 5 pieces and a bit of the PF enters into the body of one of five mutants: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik and Namor making them the Phoenix Five. Lost of people didn’t like that, I thought it was great. Especially Emma’s costume, MEOW! Now with the power of the PF, the Phoenix Five start recreating the Earth into what they want it to be, but the Avengers know they have to get rid of it with the help of Rachel Summers who everyone thought was destined to be the carrier of the PF from the start.

This story is everything. It’s SO good and it has pretty much every single amazing Marvel character you would want to see in this. The whole story climaxes in the death of one of the most important characters in all of comics. It was so shocking that I actually gasped the first time I read it. Then cried, then got angry, then re read the whole thing again because it was so good.

This collected edition is a collector’s dream honestly. Not only does it come with all issues of the main AvX story line, but you’ve also got AvX: VS #1–6, Avengers vs. X-Men: Infinite #1, 6, 10, Material from Marvel Point One. 

What could I give this book but a perfect score really. I don’t know how I’m grading these books but yeah it’s perfect. It’s a must have. In fact I’m going to read it again right now!

Until next time geeks!