Australian ‘Survivor’ Delivers Some Tasty Cakes During Wrestling Challenge

If this occurred on the US edition of Survivor, CBS would’ve blurred and pixelated the sh*t out of it before airing. Thankfully for Australian Survivor, their censors are a bit more relaxed. This wardrobe malfunction was shown in all its glory for television viewers.

Contestants Locky Gilbert and Mark Wales faced off head to head for a reward challenge that involved a slip-and-slide and a ball. The first matchup went off without a hitch, but when it came for round two, let’s just say more than one ball was involved.

Mark Wales (left) pulled down Locky Gilbert’s (right) shorts during the battle. Even without his trunks, Locky managed to slither to win the challenge. Afterwards, his teammates gave his exposed cheeks a congratulatory smack. A team that slaps together, stays together. LOL.

Check out the homoerotic action below. Too bad we didn’t get to see either of these stud’s “immunity idols” in the process 😉