Aussie Radio DJs Jobless & A Nurse Dead Following A ‘Royal’ Prank Call

A few days ago, one of my best friends Lisa (who has lived in Melbourne, Australia for the last couple years) messaged me and asked me if I had heard about this prank call that was all over news headlines in Australia. Two Australian radio DJs (Michael Christian and Mel Greig) had called the hospital where a pregnant Kate Middleton was under observation and they pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles when speaking to the nurse. The nurses fell for it and updated them on Kate’s condition.

Here’s the tragic news: Jacintha Saldanha, the 46-year-old nurse who was tricked by the DJs, was found dead on Friday morning. The hospital had been supporting her through the difficult time following the incident, but she was found dead on Friday morning and they suspect suicide.

The parent company of the radio station has since released a statement and have asked the Radio DJs to step down from their positions. Read the statement below.

“Chief Executive Officer Rhys Holleran has spoken with the presenters, they are both deeply shocked and at this time we have agreed that they not comment about the circumstances. SCA and the hosts have decided that they will not return to their radio show until further notice out of respect for what can only be described as a tragedy.”

What do you think about this situation? It’s truly unfortunate and it is obviously impossible for the DJs to have thought that this would have been the outcome of such actions. Just the other day I wrote about those insanely scary elevator pranks where someone could totally have a heart attack from being scared so much. It’s impossible to try and prevent any and every possible negative outcome, but people should certainly consider that a negative outcome is always a definite possibility with a prank. In this case, they didn’t directly cause someones death, but

  • Sollai

    wait, she killed herself coz “the queen” called? i dont get it…

  • meh

    ^Really? Wow.

  • max

    to be honest, I don’t get it either. so why did she commit suicide?

  • She clearly had more issues going on in her life an that was just the last straw to be had. If she was a genuinely for the most part happy person I doubt she would have presumably committed suiside. There has to be more to the story along the lines of depression or something of the sort.

  • Convict



    As this seems no coincidence

    Was the nurse sacked, as a result, hence, killed herself ?

    Was she so affected by the hoax, she killed herself ?

    Any many other key reasons.

  • justin

    something similar i think happened with american idol when one of the contestants that audition did horribly and she was infatuated with paula abdul but she ended up committing suicide after the show aired the bad audition the producers knew she had some mental instability i think but they aired it anyway. people need better judgement.

  • I think the story is very sad… I think I heard a bit more of it since its a bit more of a story here in Europe…
    They are not to blame for the fact that she probably killed herself for it… She did not get any blame from her employee the hospital and even Kate and William didnt hold any blame for her actions of giving information on the telephone…
    Its probably the mix of circumstances that made her take her own life… Its a shame she should not have but the paparazzi in the UK are ruthless…
    People need better judgement indeed…

  • Joshua

    I work as a pharmacy technician and I am also going to school to be a nurse. Because of the US federal regulations concerning HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) you are unable to give patient information to anyone who is not the “member” or their family. I’m unsure of how the policies concerning this in the UK are, but the nurse would have lost more than her job. Sometimes you can lose your license. Also, who is to say that the royal family would take this so “joke” so lightly? This could have destroyed her entire career. No one would trust her to work in a hospital after the articles got out that she was the one who gave out protected health information for one of the royal family members. This is such a tragedy, and I understand that the DJs meant no harm, but there are serious consequences for the nurses they called. Most people are under informed in how stringent these regulations are. I only hope this tragedy helps get people informed about these regulations.

  • lexie

    Thankfully the majority of people know its not the DJ’s fault she committed suicide.Great prank with a tragic outcome no one could have predicted.

  • zurvivor

    ^Still a lot of hate posts are in the radio station’s facebook page.