Meet 2 Broke Girls’ New Hunk Austin Falk


Once I start watching a show, I find it difficult to break up with said show after having committed several seasons despite the declining quality. That’s why I keep tuning in to 2 Broke Girls. At least last night though, the CBS sitcom introduced me to a hunky piece of eye candy.

Austin Falk played an Irish immigrant who hooks up with Max (Kat Dennings). Cue shirtless scenes. Since he now works at the diner, the 6’1″ actor is sticking around for a few more episodes. Hopefully, each episode requires some sort of nudity.

2 Broke Girls is Falk’s biggest break thus far. He’s relatively new with only a handful of credits including one of those David DeCoteau films. You know those awful horror films that feature plenty of bad acting and hot shirtless guys hanging around a mansion.

With that being said, I predict Austin is a name you should remember. He’ll probably get his big break soon and become Hollywood’s next ‘IT’ guy. Check out a few pics and video clips below.


  • pje821

    He’s gorgeous, but that show is garbage. Grade-school writing at best.

  • LadoftheNorthernWall


  • J Russell

    Yea and now I am Hungry for Twinkies!!!! and Hot Dogs!! lol

  • J Russell

    Hey Pje, ummmmmm what show??? lol He is a hotie!

  • pje821

    Ummm…2 Broke Girls, the show he’s in which he’s appearing and in the clip above.

  • J Russell

    U did not get it ……I knew which program, was being like “all i could focus on was him” and like What show??? lol But thanks for the reply buddy!

  • Robert Healy

    I like the show a lot! The characters are fabulous! Austin Falk makes me hard just thinking about him?

  • jaredyjaredy .

    Oh look another pretty no-ass twink.