Five Movies To See In August

It’s officially August and with Vancouver having a record breaking zero rain month of July, it’s been hard to get into a theatre but I’m sure after this weekend’s pride festivities a movie will be just what I need.

Here are my picks for this month


Opens August 9th

Why you should see it: From the director of District 9, this is the last big action flick of the summer. Plus, when do Matt Damon and Jodie Foster ever disappoint? (Don’t answer that, Jersey Girl)

We’re the Millers

Opens August 9th

Why you should see it: Jennifer Aniston as a stripper. Enough said. If that hasn’t sold you, Jason Sudeikis’ impersonation of Bane sure will.

Kick-Ass 2

Opens August 16th

Why you should see it: Kick-Ass was awesome and totally deserved a sequel. Also, it will probably be the best “superhero” movie to come out this year…

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Opens August 16th

Why you should see it: I’m not sure how many theatres will be playing this film so you might have to head to that small theatre that plays indie films to check it out but from what I’ve heard the performances in this film are incredible. It tells the story of an imprisoned husband trying to get back to his wife and daughter. How cute. Plus Casey Affleck is hot hot hot.

You’re Next

Opens August 23rd

Why you should see it: For you horror fans out there… there’s really no reason to see a horror film other than to have yourself be terrified for a few hours… and if the rest of the film is like this trailer, this one will definitely succeed in giving you nightmares.

  • Robert

    isnt jersey girl, ben affleck?

  • DouggSeven

    ^ Yes.

  • justin

    ugh how many more movies where its about some straight white dude doing something in just different genres.