When I say good, of course I mean “shameful guilty pleasure” good. So here in LA, I’ve been seeing giant billboards everywhere for VH1‘s newest reality show, “Audrina” which debuts tomorrow. The show stars Audrina Patridge and her family – brother & sisters, mom and dad. Of course Audrina got her big break as a friend of Heidi and LC on The Hills, and since then hasn’t done too shabby at all. Since then, she’s been in movies, television, and on Dancing with the Stars.

“Audrina does her first bikini, calendar shoot in sunny Palm Springs. Her parents, Mark and Lynn, meet her for dinner. Audrina and brother Marky go house hunting. Sparks fly as the entire Patridge family gather at the OC house for a family dinner.”

I finally just watched the trailer of the series and I have to say, it looks thoroughly entertaining. If you caught the TMZ interview with Audrina’s mom last year after Audrina was eliminated, you’ll see she’s a bit of a loose cannon. Well, in the preview, we see that, and we see that one of Audrina’s sisters (Casey Loza) doesn’t get along with the family all the time either. In fact, the father is the rock that holds the family together.

* The video above won’t play in Canada at this time. I’ll update when available.