Aubrey O’Day Finally Debuts Her ‘Wrecking Ball’ Music Video

Fiery ginger, Aubrey O’Day has finally debuted her music video for “Wrecking Ball,” the track she debuted back in April. The song was co-written by American Idol alum Pia Toscano and is quite catchy.

The video cuts between the former Celebrity Apprentice star singing with her band in the background, to shots of her on the beach with a shirtless hunk. As the video progresses, their relationship digresses and ultimately falls apart. We also see clips of some pretty revealing shots of Aubrey’s T & A. Yup, shorts right up her butt and boobs barely contained in her top. I feel like she looked much sexier without those shots, but you be the judge.

Check out the music video below and share your thoughts in the comments. Was it worth the wait? Oh, and if you like the song and haven’t downloaded it, you can download it on iTunes here.

Aubrey O’Day – “Wrecking Ball” Music Video

  • Justin

    i think pia would have sounded better singing this song.

  • James

    It’s too bad her face doesn’t move anymore…

  • Def a catchy tune but I can’t stand to watch this video. I want to have MTB Aubrey back.

  • Jose

    Aubrey needs to realize that she will NEVER again have success like that one from her Danity Kane years …poor thing tries and tries and tries but her music is crap and that cutesy sex kitten thing she has going on is not even working …oh and if those shorts go any further up her butt she’s gonna be vomiting denim soon …..hahahaha!!!!