Aubrey O’Day’s “Wrecking Ball” Surprisingly Not A Trainwreck

Aubrey O’Day survived another boardroom firing last night on “Celebrity Apprentice” thanks to leading her team to a win. While I’m not a fan of her personality on the show, I will give credit where credit is due. Aubrey is smarter and more creative than I thought she’d be. She’s definitely surprised me on the show. In another surprise, the former Danity Kane singer’s new single isn’t completely awful. Has hell frozen over?

Aubrey debuted “Wrecking Ball” on iTunes today. It’s the third track she’s released since leaving the girl group. “Wrecking Ball” was produced by David Hodge who’s previous credits include Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”. Speaking of “American Idol”, Season 10 alum Pia Toscano co-wrote the track. Given O’Day’s personality, I expected her to go with a dance-oriented jam instead of a pop ballad. While not groundbreaking, “Wrecking Ball” isn’t half bad and showcases her vocals in a flattering light. Listen to it below and see if you agree.

Aubrey O’Day “Wrecking Ball”

What do you think of Aubrey’s new song? Top 40 radio hit? Or does she have a better shot of winning “Celebrity Apprentice“? Sound off below.

  • Freev

    I am impressed with the song. Quite catchy, actually. It does sound like it could be a hit.
    As for her personality in Celebrity Apprentice…I don’t have an issue with it. She has a vision and sticks to her guns, which I believe is a sign of a good leader. Plus, she won’t be tossed around, which I appreciate too. Some of her comments may be cocky, but I find them to be funny.

  • J

    Totally agree with you Freev!

  • clipherd

    I’m kind of rooting for her and Lisa to be the final two. I’m just totally blown away by how savvy she is. And this song is way too catchy for its own damn good.