Aubrey O’Day Butchers “Somebody I Used To Know”

Is this a sign of the apocalypse? There are so many covers of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” that the world didn’t need another one, especially one from Aubrey O’Day. If Gotye didn’t like “Glee’s” rendition of his humungous hit, he’s definitely going to hate the former Danity Kane singer’s version. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ordered a hit on her. It’s that bad. LOL.

The recently fired “Celebrity Apprentice” has turned the beautiful song into an electro stripper track. Much like JoJo’s cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room“, Aubrey reworks the original lyrics to tell it from a woman, correction, an angry woman’s point of view. Empowering girl anthems usually work, but Aubrey comes off disingenuous and ridiculous with her attempt. She swaps out words and replaces them with “asshole“, “f*cking liar” and other expletives. Here’s an example.

You’re just a fucking liar that I used to know,” she venomously seethes on her icy electro-R&B cover. “I should have just walked away, but I stayed and watched you turn into some coward that I used to love!”

Aubrey O’Day “Somebody I Used To Know”

What do you think? Do you think Aubrey needs to be punished for exposing our ears to this travesty? Or am I completely crazy and it’s a brilliant cover? Sound off below.

  • Rob

    But where is it!

  • Doug

    It is a little messy but it really isnt as bad as youre saying. Its clear youre not a fan and i think u might be hatin a little. No matter what aubrey is fierce

  • Trav

    I listened to it… being a huge fan of Gotye’s I really dont think its that bad.. i could do with out the f word but it all comes down to musical art… you can listen to it once and be skeptic or listen to it over an over and learn to like it for the pure fact that shes an artist and thats her interpretation.

  • Doug

    Well said trav

  • Sean

    Dreadful. And why are her breasts so huge?

  • I think we didn’t really need a remix, it should turn into a song we used to know.

  • Geo

    I’m sick of listening to chicks whining about how hard it is to be the “other woman”. You know what? You knew he was married when you spread your legs honey, what did you think wa s going to happen? On top of it, Goyte is a quirky, beautiful, man who emits artistry and pain in his singing and lyrics. Aubry is a red haired barbie wanna be, with an ok singing voice but very little creativity. This song is terrible and I’m mad I spent 30 seconds of my life listening to 1/2 of it (because it was so bad I refused to finish the rest.)

  • rogelio

    it totally sucks… it’s not the worst remix ever, but still, it sucks

  • Warren

    I actually really love it. If you’re not an O’Day fan than this probably isn’t your cup of tea. But if you like chilly R&B with over the top electronics than this is where it’s at. I’ve always loved her voice. It’s not as bad as you claim.

  • Sean

    Definitely could do without the expletives – makes her sound trashy (what else is new?). However, I do enjoy this version.

    I will admit that I was a Danity Kane fan, so I’m definitely biased!

  • Lukas

    If she calls herself an artist she should trying writing her own “insert expicit here” songs! really what a load of crap….makes original sound genius in comparison…then again she couldnt even stand her own tits, there as fake as her music

  • Ryan

    Not exactly an apocalyptic sign, but it won’t be a surprise if the track completely wastes the resources that somehow went into making it.

  • Ritchard Mckie

    Hardly a remix when it has the same feel as the original but not sung so well. Not a song I would return to when the original is so much bettter.

  • Rae

    Doesnt work for me: nite club meets folk meets trashy fem pain?! No. She jumped on the trend train to make an extra buck… And yeah, no sympathy for her rendition being a victim of a married mans lies: if someone is married assume anything they say to get close to u is a lie; an old story, why is it still being told.