Who Topped Attitude Magazine’s Annual Hot 100 Issue?


Tom Daley topped Attitude magazine’s poll the past two years. The 2015 results are in and the Olympic diver finally loses his stronghold on the title. He lands in at No. 4 in between Liam Payne and Chris Evans. How about being the meat in that sandwich, right? There are far worse places, for sure.

Even though Lance Bass, Michael Turchin, Charlie King, Sanjay Sood-Smith and Dino Fetscher grace the cover of the annual Attitude Hot 100 issue, none of those gay celebs placed in the Top 10. If I had my way, King would make the top tier. WOOF to the nth degree!!!

Find out below, who the publication’s readers voted as the hottest men on the planet. I definitely approve of the top choice. In fact, I follow SLASH stalk him on Instagram 😉

1. Simon Dunn

“It’s flattering enough to have been voted on to the HOT 100 at all but to think I have been voted number one and beat guys like Tom Daley and Liam Payne is beyond me!I’m absolutely convinced my mother had all her friends vote for me – thanks mum!”

“I just want to say thanks to everyone who voted for me for their ongoing support and I hope that my win can help spread the word about equality in sport. If I can make one young gay teen see that sexuality shouldn’t be a factor in sport then that’s a win in itself” – Simon Dunn about his victory


2. Channing Tatum


3. Liam Payne


4. Tom Daley


5. Chris Evans


6. Chris Pratt


7. Zac Efron


8. David Beckham


9. Stuart Reardon


10. Joe Lycett


Attitude 2015 Hot 100: Who Are The Hottest?

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  • Radar

    I’m still wondering who on earth finds Channing Tatum hot?!
    But LIAM <3 well deserved!

  • Nate KW

    I’m beyond words UPSET that Thom Evans isn’t in the top 10!!! And Scott Eastwood!?!?

  • Joe Blow

    Lance Bass??? Really??? How could he possible make it on this list???

  • Sam I Am

    ..coz some find him hot??

  • Sam I Am.

    Agreed. I would of least like to have seen Scott Eastwood here. Dude is DELICIOUS!

  • San I Am

    David Beckham in the top 10..Really??

  • Jeff Knowles

    He is all yours.

  • J Russell

    Ohhh I love my Taters…..all the way to the last lick and swallow the man is Stunning, Talented, and an all around Fine Man! IMHO…..and Ur Right with Liam as well….very nice man Take care. JR