Zac Efron Is A Sexy Farmboy Turned Race Car Driver In ‘At Any Price’ Trailer

Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron play father and son in an upcoming drama called At Any Price and the movie trailer has just been released. The film is all about fathers & sons, farming, race car driving and everything in between.

The film was directed by Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop, Goodbye Solo) and has Efron playing a rebellious son who wants to focus on race car driving instead of farming, despite his father’s wishes. As the story develops, his father’s farm falls under investigation and their family is at risk of losing everything. The film also stars Kim Dickens as Quaid’s wife and Heather Graham as Efron’s love interest.

It looks really good and has received a lot of recognition at festivals already. Zac Efron has definitely successfully departed from his goodie two shoed High School Musical boy and into a serious & sexy leading man in some big name dramatic films. This movie had me at Zac Efron. Watch the trailer below! The film hits theaters later this year.

‘At Any Price’ Movie Trailer