Nerd Alert: Astonishing X-Men: Northstar

HA! Don’t you just LOVE the name of new column. I TOTALLY stole it from Austin Powers and it’s totally fitting don’t you think? So here’s the scoop, I have gotten some really great stuff from the people at MARVEL COMICS. Obviously it’s going to focus more on the gay and lezzy types of story lines (But I will read anything *wink*) to fit in with the content of our homolicious website here so here goes the first one…NORTHSTAR!

Northstar, as any true nerd knows was one of the first openly gay superheroes ever, and he’s Canadian so that’s a double bonus. MARVEL made a huge announcement this year when they said that Northstar was going to be marrying his partner Kyle in the first ever Gay Superhero wedding, this collected edition gives us the run down of how they got engaged and finally the wedding.

Jean-Paul (Northstar is his codename) and his boyfriend Kyle  are going through some tough time as most couples do, however their problems are amplified that much more by JP’s “celebrity” status as a superhero. Kyle is trying to juggle the normal day to day activity of  organizing their new apartment (he makes is VERY clear that he’s a bit disappointed that it hasn’t been done, considering he’s dating a speedster) as well as trying to work on the Northstar branding. The story pretty much starts as they are interrupted by Wolverine just when thing were starting to get a bit better (of course they were).  A major psychic attack strikes the Marauders and the X-man Karma realizes there is someone even more powerful controlling the whole show, and the only person not affected is Northstar. Even Gambit and Wolverine are under control, however it’s Kyle who shows up in a very surprising and terrifying scene, he’s there to kill his lover.

It is here that Northstar realizes how much he loves Kyle, and after a very embarrassing flight home and sleep, Northstar proposes to Kyle. At first Kyle is hesitant because he’s thinking it’s a quick fix to their problems, but since we already know there is a weeding, you know that eventually he does accept.

Here’s what l enjoyed the most of this wedding story, that even in the world of mutants there is still a bit of hesitation from some of Northstar’s teammates at accepting it. Mainly because I feel like it mirrors real life very well especially in today’s society. How can some minorities fight against gay marriage when not so long ago they were not considered equal citizens?

Marjorie Liu (former lawyer, now writer) did a great job with the story. Of course the main story is the journey to the wedding for these to characters but also story involving the X-Men in the field. But for me, I was very impressed with how she depicted everyone’s acceptance (or lack there of ) of Northstar’s wedding. It was truly brilliantly written.

This is a really great trade for any gay comic book fan, and I feel like its kind of a necessity. There’s already been preview of future issues to come because now we’re going to see what happens after the wedding, mainly with Northstar and his right to stay in the US, so this story should hit home for a lot of people.

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  • Graham

    This happened months ago…

  • A bit old news indeed… But I am a huge Marvel fan… Ever was and ever will be!! Nothing but <3 for Marvel….


  • YES it is old news, but the collected edition is new 🙂

  • Jeremy

    As a comic fan, it’s fun to see some articles about them on Homorazzi! To when the article on Ultimate Collosus or Wiccan & Hulkling 😉

  • Wiccan and Hulking coming up soon in Children’s Crusade 🙂

  • Del


  • Steve-O

    With all the rock hard pecs, sizable bulges, tight fitting lycra & leather and metaphorical plot lines, I’m surpised that there aren’t more gay comic fans……even more surpised that 1 million mom aren’t boycotting X-Men and Superman films.