Artists Who Surprisingly Haven’t Won Grammys

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards air tonight and thought this was the perfect time to post this. Entertainment Weekly recently shared a list of 20 artists who surprisingly had never won a Grammy statue. From iconic groups like The Beach Boys to current hitmakers like Katy Perry, the publication certainly did their homework.

While perusing through their list, several snubs certainly surprised me. And I’m not talking about Katy Perry. I’m sure she’ll get her due one day, but she’s relatively new, so her Grammy-less awards shelf isn’t too shocking. I’ve picked five artists from EW’s list that I think are the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ (NARAS) biggest mistakes. Check out my Top 5 list below.

5. Tupac Shakur

Number of Nominations: 6

Several high-profile rappers have never received a Grammy including Nas, Snoop Dogg and the Notorious B.I.G. But the most glaring omission has to be Tupac Shakur. Given his impact on pop culture and in the genre itself, it’s shocking he didn’t win a rap Grammy. The Academy could’ve correct this grave error by giving him a posthumous one in 2000 when “Changes” earned a Best Rap Solo Performance nod. For me, his best work is his collaboration with Dr. Dre on “California Love.” The track was nominated for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group back in 1997.

4. Björk

Number of Nominations: 12 (Plus 1 nomination in 2013)

Perhaps at this year’s ceremony, Bjork can end her losing streak. Her latest album, Biophilia, is nominated for Best Alternative Album. If I were her, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I think it’s Gotye’s to lose. For me, I associate visually stunning music videos with the Icelandic singer. It’s no wonder four of her nods are in the music video categories – “Human Behaviour,” “Bachelorette,” “All Is Full of Love,” and “It’s Oh So Quiet.” My favorite out of the bunch is the latter. Watch it below.

3. Queen

Number of Nominations: 3

Given their sizable catalogue, I’m not only shocked that Queen has never won a Grammy, but that they only have three nominations. Talk about being robbed. Clearly, the Academy realized their lapse in judgement and inducted three of their tracks into the Grammy Hall of Fame. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was inducted in 2004, and both “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” joined in 2009.

2. Heart

Number of Nominations: 4

I’m sure being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame eases the pain of never winning a Grammy a little. They shouldn’t feel too bad for never winning though. Their best album, 1987’s Bad Animals which included the humungous hit “Alone” was up against U2’s iconic The Joshua Tree. No shame in losing there.

1. Diana Ross

Number of Nominations: 8 (plus 2 more with the Supremes)

Out of all the snubbed artists, Diana Ross is the most criminal IMHO. The Supremes are the holy grail of girl groups. She was also a force to be reckon with as a solo artist. Like Queen, the Academy tried to make amends by inducting her in the Grammy Hall of Fame three times- twice for tracks with the Supremes and a lifetime achievement award as a solo artist in 2012.

Do any of the five omissions surprise you? If so, which one the most? Sound off below. To check out Entertainment Weekly’s entire list, head over to

  • justin

    i dont think most of these are shocking considering the fact that the grammy awards are voted by the industry and not popularity. arcade fire winning an album of the year over eminem should say about how little the grammys are about awarding great music. its a great show showing off music but seeing how they have so many different categories thank goodness for the recent reductions but i wouldnt put to much weight in winning a grammy. i mean they have an award for best album packaging wtf.

  • EvChemical

    ^ If you had any idea what goes into designing packaging, you wouldn’t scoff at it.
    I would agree that category, however, really has no place at the Grammy Awards. The package has little-to-nothing to do with the musical content.

  • keith

    Justin: In what universe is eminem considered great music?
    Arcade Fire is in a higher echelon of music, compared to him.

  • justin

    i have heard both eminem and arcade fire perform and arcade fire just sounds like noise, eminem on the other hand sounds like poetry.
    the grammy should be about the music but instead they turn it into all these other things, look at the comedy album category only two female winners in the history of the awards that seems sexist, there is no shortage of funny women either.
    i understand why the grammy have become important but at the same time if someone like diana ross did not win one it doesnt take away from diana ross’s achievements.

  • justin

    its official both beach boys and bjork received grammys for but i dont know if the one bjork won goes to her but its for her album its one of those technical grammys best recording package.