MMVAs Weekend: Artist Sanctuary @ Hôtel Le Germain


Once again, Homorazzi was invited to attend the Artist Sanctuary. This time though the luxurious two day affair would be held in Toronto for the 2009 Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs). Having just arrived home from a whirlwind Pride weekend in Portland, I receive the invitation. After working out some of the logistics, Topher and I decide to attend and plan to fly out to Toronto two days later to cover this star-studded event. No rest for the wicked, as they say.

After enjoying our Friday night clubbing in Toronto with friends from Vancity and Toronto, we wake up Saturday morning and head on up to our complimentary breakfast buffet at our hotel, the Sheraton Toronto Centre. We filled up our tummies up with some sustenance, which I learned from the previous Artist Sanctuary for the Junos was vitally important. Having something in your stomach before partaking in some of the libations was ideal to prevent that dreaded hangover the next day. Once satisfied, we took a cab over to the luxurious boutique hotel, Hôtel Le Germain on Mercer Street. To be perfectly honest, as we walked towards the hotel, I was feeling a bit nervous since we were attending a glamorous event in a different city, and I had only Topher by my side.

Upon entering the lobby of the hotel, our good friend, Jonathan who sent us the invitation greets us and provides us with our media passes and bracelets. When I first met Jonathan during the Junos Artist Sanctuary, I had assumed he lived in Vancouver-it was very comforting to see a familiar face. Immediately, my nervousness subsided and our escort, Marta, guided us to the festivities. Once we got out of the elevator, it was complete visual stimulation. The hustle and bustle was in full effect with media and celebrities mingling their little hearts out. After taking a few breaths to acclimate myself to my surroundings, guess who comes and gives me the biggest and welcoming hug ever. It’s none other than our gorgeous vitaminwater rep, Daniella. We’ve talked about her previously in our Hawt Topics and can even be seen in our first Artist Sanctuary video. I immediately knew then that this was going to be a great day.

We headed on over to the vitaminwater room where we met Daniella’s cohort that weekend, Ben Dussault. Ben was in the vitaminwater room to discuss healthy eating and lifestyle with the celebrities entering the room. At certain points, he even did demonstrations on how you could get a quick workout in your hotel room during your out-of-town trips. After chatting with them a few, we headed on over to check out the other rooms which included Skullcandy headphones, Nokia, New Balance, Mavi Jeans, and PKG. We chatted with a few of the reps about their products and will be discussing some of them in future articles. If you were in the mood to be pampered, you could treat yourself to spa treatments provided by Hamman Spa or get your hair did by Jack Noesgaard, Loft Salon.

After filling our heads with as much product knowledge as possible from the various vendors, Topher and I decided to check out some of the culinary delights provided by Victor Restaurant. My favorite dish they provided was hands down the shrimp ceviche. Yummmmmmmmmmmy. I could’ve eaten 10 dishes of that tasty goodness. [Truth be told, I probably did. lol] . While munching away on the gourmet food, we were entertained by upcoming musical acts on the SIRIUS Satellite Radio Emerging Artists Stage. My favorite acts throughout the two-day stint were Shad K, Goodbye Breakdown, and Samantha Schultz.

This event produced by NYC-based Know Affiliation did an excellent job of providing a much needed oasis for celebrities to partake in during the party-heavy weekend. Some of the celebrities and musical acts that attended the Artist Sanctuary were Theory of a Deadman, Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Switchfoot, Danny Fernandes, Elise Estrada, Ivana Santilli, Lights and members of the Twilight New Moon cast. Since we were in Toronto, athletes from the Toronto FC, Raptors and Argonauts also took advantage of the luxurious surroundings.



As in life, one can’t work all day- you’ve got to let your hair down and party as well. Being the multi-taskers that we are, we were able to enjoyed some of the offerings of the bar whilst working. What to drink first? Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. The stocked bar was complete with Prairie Organic Vodka, Stella Artois, Robert Mondavi and local winery Innsiskillin. By the end of the day, I must admit I think I let my hair down too much as I thought getting my nails painted black was a good idea. At least my nails look manly – Topher decided to get glittery grey nail polish on him. Tophergilious! LMAO.

Seriously though, it’s this type of experience you get at the Artist Sanctuary that makes it fun and memorable. It’s a great event where media, celebrities and brands converge and mingle in a less structured and comfortable environment. Personalities can choose to be interviewed by various media outlets like SIRIUS Radio or pick up some wicked swag while letting loose and grabbing a cocktail or two.

I want to thank Know Affiliation and The Pennant Media Group (Kevin, Jonathan, Daniel, Christine et al) for pulling off another amazing event. Seriously! These Artist Sanctuaries keep getting better and better. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one fo’ sure.

One last shout to Daniella and vitaminwater for letting us use their comfy air-conditioned room to relax and regroup while sipping on some delicious SMART WATER and vitaminwater to rehydrate ourselves from our non-stop days.