Artist Sanctuary @ The Loden Hotel


This past weekend, Vancouver was taken over by the Juno Awards festivities and Homorazzi was in on the fun. One of Vancouver’s newest luxurious boutique hotels- The Loden– hosted a 3-day private Juno party in the penthouse suite of their hotel in Coal Harbour. The days were filled with live performances of up and coming musical acts, hot tracks spun by the city’s best DJs, and celebrities coming in and out while mingling with the media and checking out the free swag. If that wasn’t enough to keep you entertained, you could play rock band with George Strombopolous, get a quick mani-pedi or your hair did, and even check out Ben Sherman’s latest threads!

When Dan, Kevin, Patrick and I got there, we were initially a bit overwhelmed. We were quickly inundated with an overload of visual stimulation and didn’t know what to do first. Meeting celebrities right away, we immediately spotted Ivana Santilli, whom I was a huge fan of. We rode up the elevator with her and made awkward conversation about how awkward elevator rides were: kinda ironic. Later in the afternoon, I bumped into Ivana again and talked about how I was a fan of her music but after spotting the mini-burger she was eating, I told her I’d be “right back after I grabbed one myself.” She then teased me on how I was choosing the burger over her, to which I replied: “Heck Yeah!”

No disrespect to Miss Santilli, but those burgers well definitely worth it (ask Dan who had about 20 of them). All day long there was a non-stop parade of amazing hors d’ourves and tasty libations provided by the event. We definitely did our damage with the Grey Goose martinis and Stella Artois beers. Actually, I take that back… not all drinks were tasty. Kevin ordered a Ginger martini that tasted like ass. It was so bad none of us wanted to drink it, but I didn’t want to be rude so I just downed it and took one for the team. I know what you’re all thinking… I’m such a martyr… damn straight!

Later on in the day, our televisionista friend John brought over some of the stars from the upcoming Stargate: Universe. Be sure to check out Kevin’s interview with David Blue (he used to be on Ugly Betty as Mark’s love interest). While Kevin was chatting him up, the rest of us had an amazing conversation with his co-star Jamil Walker Smith. We joked about hip-hop in Canada and I even did a rap rendition of “Let Your Backbone Slide”. Another highlight of our convo was his recommendation of a kick-ass shoe store in Los Angeles called Undefeated. I’ll be sure to check it out when I head to LA in April. After bonding on our love for shoes, I told him to go downstairs to the New Balance to grab their ‘elusive’ gold shoes. They were hawt.

One of the highlights on Saturday was when Juno’s host Russell Peters came by for a quick stop. We managed to grab him for a quick picture and short conversation. I even got insulted by him. It was AWESOME. As we went to take the picture, he chimed in saying “WOW, how in the hell were you able to find an Asian with a camera in Vancouver” in a sarcastic tone. ROTFLMAO.



We ended up pretty much staying there ’til the end, partying with other media persons and our friend Richard: the sales manager of the Loden Hotel. If you have not been there yet or are planning on heading to Vancouver, we definitely recommend staying there. In fact, the penthouse we were in was recently occupied by Hugh Jackman. We literally sat/laid down on the bed his fine ass body was on. Jealous?!?!

As much fun as Saturday was, Sunday was even better. Brian- Homorazzi cast member- even joined in on the fun. Though, not as many celebrities showed up this day since they were getting ready for the awards show, it was a great day to network with other media and the reps of Skull Candy, MySpace Canada, and Ben Sherman to name just a few. The most handy and useful of all the reps that were there was hands down the rep for 2nd Wind Oxygen Bar Rentals (Rick). His oxygen bar was by far the most popular on Sunday. Especially useful as there were a lot of people hung over from the various Juno parties the night before. I was lucky enough to check out the bar and get a whiff myself. It’s not all hype: it really does make you feel better. Personally, I recommend grapefruit. The copious bottles of Vitamin Water also helped with the dreaded Sunday shakes. Oh, I can’t have a post without mentioning the sexy little mama who was the Vitamin Water rep, Daniella. We had so much fun with her all day long- she even promised me a flat of Vitamin Water if I was able to shuffle everyone to the bedroom for Russell Peters. Unfortch, I failed with that mission.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery from this event and the video Patrick made. It’s a glimpse of the fun we had hanging out with Aaron Douglas and Kandyse McClure of Battlestar Galactica, having some laughs with Stargate: Universe & Ugly Betty’s David Blue and meeting the host of the Junos, Russell Peters.

** Click the ‘HQ’ button below to view the video in higher quality **

The Artist Sanctuary definitely lived up to it’s name. It was a definite oasis in the middle of the Juno weekend madness. In closing, the Homorazzi crew (Kevin, Dan, Brian, Patrick and myself) would like to give a huge shout out to Loden Hotel for all their hospitality and our new BFF in Toronto, Kevin. You were a riot to hang with and hope to see you soon.

  • Brad

    Awesome pics and recap. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Keep up the great work on the site. It’s my new daily addiction.

  • Richard

    Thanks for coming guys. Have you there made for such an entertaining time. Daniel – seriously…. 20 sliders is no joke.