Movie Review: Arthur

Opening in theatres today is the laugh out loud, yet heart warming comedy, Arthur starring Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner and Greta Gerwig. The new spin on the 1981 classic had Patrick and I in stitches multiple times and at one moment, had us in tears.

The film tells the story of Arthur Bach (Brand), a playboy who’s older than he’s actions tell of him. What’s more, he’s a billionaire due to a very substantial inheritance. The fun fact but about Arthur’s money is that even though he spends it very frivolously, he doesn’t think twice about spending it on others. But Arthur does have a rub though and that is his excessive drinking problem. All of these playboy ways are attempted to be tamed by his live-in Nanny, Hobson (Mirren).

When Arthur’s charades make a mochary of his mother’s company and charitable foundation, the last straw has been drawn. She calls Arthur into her office and tells him that he must either marry Susan (Garner), an ex-fling who works with his mother, or else, he will be cut off from the inheritance forever. Deciding he cannot live without the money, he agress to marry Susan. But, one girl is about to throw a curve ball into the entire plan.

One day while wandering into Grand Central Station, Arthur stumbles upon tour guide Naomi (Gerwig) who gives tours of New York without a license. When the police come to give her another warning, they begin to chase her and Arthur follows excited to be involved in his first “chase” ever. Once helping her get out of trouble with cops, Arthur tries to get her number but Hobson doesn’t seem to approve in his new choice of lady pursuit, mostly due to the fact that he is soon to be engaged.

Without fail, Arthur ignores the directions of Hobson and despite becoming engaged to Susan, continues to pursue the affection of Naomi even recreating the date they made up as a story to the police on their first date. Their chemistry is absolutely adorable and the two continue to date.

One night, Arthur decides to invite Naomi over to his place for a visit but the plan is foiled by the surprise appearance of Susan who is intoxicated and wearing quite the outfit in order to try and gain sexual advances from Arthur is not in the least bit interested. In a chase around the bedroom, Susan ends up attached to Arthur’s magnetic bed. This buys enough time for Hobson to deal with the situation and for Naomi and Arthur to make a quick escape to Central Park.

After a while, Arthur is convinced that he must tell Naomi the truth about his engagement to Susan and she tells him to never speak to her again. Heartbroken, Arthur agrees and leaves Naomi alone and starts falling into the rut of his new life with Susan. The rest, you’ll have to go and see the movie for.

This movie showed Russel Brand at his best in my opinion. Him and Helen Mirren opposite each other was absolutely brilliant. Russell played the playboy role really well but it was great to see his softer edges when playing opposite Greta Gerwig. There was one moment in this film where Patrick and I literally laughed for 5 minutes after the joke had happened. When getting a tour of Naomi’s house, he is intrigued by all her knick knacks and asks what SMTWTFS is (pronouncing it all as one word). It’s her vitamin case. It may not sound funny right now but in the context of the film, it was truly golden.

Overall, I think this comedy is a good date night movie or a fun film to check out with some friends when you really want a good belly laugh. Another bonus for the film is that its short, sweet and to the point. None of the film really drags on at all keeping you invested all the way through.

I gave this movie a rating of 4 OUT OF 5 STARS.

Check out the extended trailer below.