Can you picture Arrow with a Friends-type of intro? Imagine no more. Some enterprising individual spliced together scenes from The CW show with the theme song from the classic NBC sitcom. Truthfully, it kinda works. The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There For You” is definitely appropriate given that Stephen Amell and his crew are always there for each other.

Before you watch it, I’m not even going to hype it up as the best thing ever. That said, for some reason I find it oddly fascinating and entertaining. It’s a shame the majority of shows today don’t create catch intros anymore. Instead, their logo pops up for a hot second before the next scene begins. Check out Arrow‘s fan-made intro below. You never know, maybe the network likes what it sees and will create something similar for Season 2. LOL.

Arrow Opening Credits Friends Style

Do you miss show intros? For that matter, catchy theme songs? Or do you like the simpler without frills style which is extremely popular today? Sound off below.