Which Arrow Star Is Heading Over To Scandal?

Since there probably isn’t a chance in hell that a crossover episode between Arrow and Scandal would ever happen, this bit of casting news is the next best thing. Without a doubt, these two are among my favorites on network television. Shonda Rhines just made my day with this announcement.

The Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal creator revealed John Barrowman is heading to the political drama to cause a stir. He’ll appear on the May 9th episode– the penultimate one of the season. This isn’t the first time Barrowman has worked with Rhimes. The 46-year-old actor starred in a 2012 drama pilot titled Gilded that ABC passed on. Not to sound selfishly, but I’m glad. This way Rhimes can focus her energy on making Scandal even more outrageously addictive. Also, it keeps the former Torchwood star staying put on the CW show.

Speaking of which, are you loving the budding “bromance” between Barrowman and Arrow series regular Colton Haynes. The two have generated major online buzz with all their Instagram photos. From holding hands outside the Vancouver airport to Haynes lifting up Barrowman, the two seem to enjoy working with each other on the Arrow set. Check out a few photos of them together below.

How adorable are they? Do you watch Scandal or Arrow? Excited to see John Barrowman on the ABC political show? Sound off below.

  • zurvivor

    The only pic they left to post on instagram is just kissing each other.

  • samaro

    gay and gay

  • Gibbs

    everytime i see roy harper in arrow, i can’t help but to feel melted with his look.. he’s just so good-looking!.. cute couple anyways. ^^