Arnold Schwarzenegger Says ‘Hasta La Vista’ To Homophobe Fan


Like so many people, Arnold Schwarzenegger added a rainbow filter to his Facebook profile picture, after the US Supreme Court’s historic ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Not surprisingly, not all of his fans took a liking for his support of the LGBT community.

When one young homophobe threatened to ‘unfollow’ the Terminator actor, the former bodybuilder fired back with the perfect reply using one of his most iconic movie lines.

Naturally, Arnold wasn’t the only one to receive flack, but his response was so perfect I couldn’t resist sharing it. Check out the exchange below.


Two snaps Arnold!!! Well done.

  • Brendan Moore

    If Wanda Sykes was on the judging panel with Roseanne and Keenan then I think it would be the best judging panel EVER (well maybe best on a comic show, but still a very impressive group)

  • John

    OMG, Sam. I’m see’n the same as you……Beautiful at it’s best! Let’s get together and talk about em!! lol JR